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I got asked for an person interview the next day!! I studied your guide once again and walked in the interview confident and prepared. Once again thx a lot!!!! Here is a question that might seem silly, but I think has at least some merit. If you password lock it does that defeat the purpose? In fact, you raise a good point. In some cases you may want to password protect either your whole site or certain pages on it. I loved this article! Quick question. Thank you! You guys are awesome! I wish I found this before I graduated from college last year when I was still looking for my first job — I found this now while preparing for my upcoming 2nd interview.

Totally not boring reading your material and very helpful. I think your company should reach out to more educational institutions and provide training courses to students, this would be awesome!! Thank you and wish you guys the best success! Hey Mike N Jeff.. Am a student doing accounts … Please help learn more by you keeping e-mailing me such..

I have attended a few interviews and this about personal website is amazing I can feel it… I will follow up that step by step creation of a PW by you guys. Thanks so much,this is so inspiring,am a recent graduate of one year without a job and i think this comes at the right time. This owesome i have been looking for this since the time i graduated. Thank you very much for this insight. Your advice will be appreciated.

Great tips and Materials….. This is a really great effort by you.

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John Demartini By Michael Senoff. This item has not been rated yet. It may seem like life just comes easy for some people. Believe it or not, you can have that too. And this interview is just the place to start. John is an inspirational speaker who has authored more than 40 books, has appeared on more than radio and TV talk shows, and speaks days a year across the globe. As a teacher, healer and philosopher, he created his own self-help technique called the Demartini Method.

Based on Quantum Physics, this highly acclaimed method is currently being studied and practiced worldwide. According to Dr. John, this law of attraction can be used to help your relationships, business or even wealth. And in this How can I use this format? Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review.

Of course you can skip the interview for now and keep reading the letter and come back to the interview later. Richard didn't create a coaching business so he could retire. He's still out in the field selling and working his coaching business. And in this interview, you'll hear what he's been up to for the last couple of years along with 10 of his most recent coaching case studies that illustrate important lessons about his HMA Hidden Marketing Assets System. Richard has his business down to a science and that's probably because he knows how to close deals by showing prospects the money. According to Richard, if you can't show decision makers where their companies are losing money, you're just another marketing guy - and businesses are tired of those.

So in this interview, you'll hear exactly how Richard closes his deals and where he finds his coaching clients. Believe it or not, he gets most of them from the same alliance. And at the end of the interview, Richard also answers questions from HMA students like you. You'll Also Hear. So sit back and listen to how this coaching business expert works his coaching magic and find out how you can leverage off of his expertise along with the combined credibility of the HMA Pro System of marketing.

In fact, the only difference between you and Richard - is because of the simple system he invented after attending a Jay Abraham marketing consulting seminar over 25 years ago. You see, Richard discovered that while Jay Abraham really is a marketing genius, his system like most other marketing coaching programs today was not geared toward "ordinary" people who don't have a lot of money or natural marketing talents. Jay Abraham in the early s had credibility, contacts and millions of dollars.

The training Jay taught was from his own millionaire perspective. But Richard was nearly broke. He had to be away from his wife and children. Richard had no credibility and few contacts. And when Richard went out in the field to test Jay's teachings, he failed.

But Richard did not quit.

After years of experimenting and organizing the marketing concepts into a workable system, Richard began to experience success. Richard discovered his own unique "system" to make money as a marketing coach that is easy to follow and simple to learn. Richard created a system that will work whether you are a millionaire like Jay Abraham or broke and struggling to make your rent, car payment or utility bill. It's taken Richard 25 years to perfect and tens of thousands of dollars working out the "bugs" and getting his system so you can approach virtually any kind of business that has HMA's "Hidden Marketing Assets" to offer your coaching and consulting services.

And since sharing his system to the public, Richard has trained hundreds of marketing coaches in the US, the UK, Nigeria, Luxemburg, Australia, Greece, Ireland, Canada and even Holland some who were totally new to marketing when they started. He's also got Dell and IBM using and teaching his marketing system in their online learning management platforms. Here's why With Richard's system all you do is use the tools he's created for you the exact way he says to use them And best of all:. You can do it all without pressure For example, most people getting into the consulting business believe making cold calls to get clients is the worst and most difficult way to get clients.

And the truth is, it can be. This method is usually reserved for the coach who has no contacts whatsoever. While other consulting training tells you to make prospecting calls yourself, Richard's system trains you to get others to do your prospecting work for you. Take for, instance, the telephone prospecting scripts in the system. All you do is download and print these proven phone scripts, hand them to a part-time telemarketer with good leads that fit your target market, and have him or her call businesses and read the scripts word for word.

This simple method for getting new clients works time and time again. You do none of the calling and you can still generate clients. This way you can be sleeping in, playing golf, or even taking a vacation Of course, the phone is not the only way to get clients. And with the simple tools, he's created, you'll be hitting your prospects from every conceivable angle, giving yourself the maximum chance of capturing those high-quality clients within days of starting your consulting business.

And if you're really ambitious, you can also use Richard's system to create what's called "the podium effect. What's the podium effect? The podium effect is this phenomenon where people automatically respect, trust and believe people who talk at seminars or small workshops.

And since Richard also includes prewritten seminar, done for you, PowerPoint slide presentations and workshop fliers; you can fill a room, give your presentation and watch as you'll get clients who want to hire you the second you step out from behind the podium. Not sure how good you'll be at putting on a presentation? No problem.

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Because Richard has already created a powerful, professional seminar outline for you -- complete with a PowerPoint presentation and all the training you need to be up and running fast. This is the same presentation Richard uses to capture clients today. More on this later. You won't have to try and figure anything out or structure your presentation. Just plug in Richard's "pre-made" seminar presentation; follow the word-for-word transcripts and you'll be delivering a powerful, proven presentation that gets clients fast. And here's something else to think about:.

With Richard's system, you won't have to worry about not having a reputation or a "track record" of helping business owners with their marketing. If you've never done coaching before, I know what you may be thinking now. You're asking yourself, why should these business owners believe anything I say? You're afraid that they will ask you for proof that you can get results.

You think they'll want referrals before they work with you. You're thinking that you have no credibility. This is only an illusion in your imagination. It's a FEAR not based on reality. I am here to tell you this will not happen to you and here's why. You must understand that your clients are not interested in you. They are only interested in the results you can bring to them.

It's actually pretty simple:. Richard has discovered a proven way for you to use his testimonials, his stories and his success for your business. And by following Richard's simple instructions, you'll be able to "borrow" Richard's credibility for yourself. Plus, you will also learn how to "create" your own credibility within the first thirty seconds of meeting a potential client….

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This is one of Richard's "trade secrets. And it works like gangbusters for almost everyone who uses it. But here's the thing Getting the appointment or filling a room with prospects is only step one.

You can get all the appointments in the world Richard knows this more than anyone. T for short. With your O. T document, you can walk into any business, command immediate respect and attention and literally become a marketing "miracle man. The reason why is because this O. T lets you literally "make over" a business owner's marketing and show them exactly how you will create real cash profits right before their eyes. And if the business owner you are talking with has any desire to grow his business at all In fact, the opportunity analysis worksheet makes converting appointments into paying clients so simple.

And don't worry about giving away all of your secrets. Most business owners are too busy working in their business to do anything about it. They simply don't have the time and that is the exact reason they are talking to YOU! Richard also shows you how to command large fees and even get paid on a portion of the sales you make for your clients for years into the future. This is called a "contingency" fee agreement. This should only be used with a client after they have hired you and paid you to do project work.

Other expensive consulting opportunities teach you that contingency is the only and best way to sell consulting services. And this can work but often the consultant finds himself in a compromising position. They end up working many hours with only a promise to get paid. The client has nothing to lose and since you've never worked with this client before you risk working for little or no money. It's like getting married on the first date. It seems like a good idea at first but later you realize it was a big mistake.

But, if you do it Richard's way and "Date" your client for a while it can work out great like this:. But wait. Richard is going to show you have to structure a contingency agreement to get paid not just for one year, but for as long as they are using your intellectual marketing property. After all, these are your marketing systems that the client is licensing from you.

And so on. Again, this is in addition to your regular fees. And most clients will need at least four projects. For example, his system includes Endorsed letter samples. All you do is find businesses that sell similar but not competing products and services as the business you are helping and strike a simple deal with them where they send your offer to their customer list for a portion of the profits. This way, you and your client make a bundle off the initial sales, and an even bigger windfall from additional sales later. All from leads that didn't cost your client a penny to generate.

Client reactivating letter samples. This is your easiest way to make fast and immediate profits for you and your client because almost NOBODY goes after his or her inactive clients and customers. And all you do is take one of your prewritten e-mails or letters and send it to your client's inactive customer list. Watch your clients shake their heads in disbelief as inactive customers they thought would never buy again come back to life -- spending their money with your clients again and again and again. And remember, if you set up simple contingency deals with these clients as Richard explains in his system Anyway, these are just a few of the reasons why you should consider the HMA Pro System and coaching business part or full time.

And this is why I have no problem saying nothing could be simpler than using Richard's HMA Pro system to make money as a marketing coach. And realize this: Every time you make one of your client's money using Richard's "paint by numbers" pre-created tools And you'll have the instant reputation as the guy who turns straw into gold.


You'll be the person your clients won't be able to help but rave about to their business friends who will also want to pay you for your expert advice. And your whole consulting practice can "snowballs" from there until you have a controlled stream of clients and profits coming to you. As I said before, I have seen all the other marketing coaching programs out there. And I have not yet seen anything that even comes close to Richard's System. But you certainly don't have to take my word for it because you can try everything and you'll see for yourself.

HMA Pro Resource Each module walks you through all the steps of the system. You'll reference these materials as you take your client through the 8 steps of the HMA Pro system. Richard has spent years creating and refining these modules. Here's the outline of each module and what you get. You'll own 25 hours of cutting edge HMA Pro marketing training in downloadable mp3 audio. Richard's first live marketing consulting seminar was conducted in early This training features Richard at the top of this game teaching a room packed with students his system for becoming a successful marketing coach.

You'll be able to download, hear and learn everything you need about capturing clients and creating marketing systems for them. It's like having Richard right there with you showing you exactly what to do each step of the way. You'll be able to play online from any computer. Richard is teaching a packed house full of want-to-be marketing consulting students his HMA Pro system for becoming a successful marketing coach or consultant. Each student paid thousand of dollars to attend this live training. This is Richard's most recent training conducting a live Group Training for 15 business owners wanting to learn how to grow their businesses using the HMA Pro System.

The Group-Training concept is another way for you to make money. Richard discovered that many of the businesses he talked to wanted his consulting services but could not afford his one-on-one fees. As a result, Richard started working with manufacturing associations and started doing Group Training with 10 to 20 business owners at a time. Each Group Training would last for two hours twice a month for three months. If you're the coach who likes action in an exciting group atmosphere but does not want to do one on one coaching, this group training is for you.

Here's what you get. Your set of Group Training videos will train you how to execute the HMA Pro training in a group workshop setting so you can teach one to many rather then one to one multiplying your income while leveraging your time. The Group training curriculum is done for you. You just follow the training in the videos and follow along as your group learns how to implement the HMA Pro System for their own business. These business owners will love you for this training. And this is the same training used by Dell and IBM use in their learning management platform.

These are done for you, pre-designed marketing curriculum in workbook form to provide each one of your paying group workshop clients.

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And you may even have these workbooks private labeled with your consulting name and contact information on the cover. They will have generic content meaning that your client will not find my contact or Richard's contact information in the workbooks. You can be sure that any hard work you do will lead back to you. Both the front and back covers may be branded with your information, contact number, logo and image. It's up to you. And you may use this branded curriculum to sell or and do group training workshops as you wish. This is a great option for you if you want to work with one on one clients or to use in a group setting.

You'll just follow the training in the group training videos from HMA Pro Resource 3 and follow along as your group training clients learn how to implement all the HMA Pro Steps for their own business. These business owners will love you for this training and it's different from your one on one clients. With the group training clients, you become a coach to offer teaching and support only.

This let's you leverage your time and work with a larger number of clients. This same marketing system is branded under a different name and has been used by U. IGPC Since , The International Guild of Professional Consultants headquartered in Orlando, Florida has endorsed and used the system to train over members in marketing and sales consulting skills You'll get 8 total workbooks in each set.

Your workbooks are in an online version ready to print and use. They are only available for one to one consulting client work. I record lots of audio interviews with my little handy digital recorder from Radio Shack Electronics. And you can do the same. Recording and publishing audio interviews have been a fantastic way for me to developed, promote and sell information products.

And there's certainly no reason you can't do this for your own consulting business and clients too. Or, at the very least, offer an interview or product creation service for your clients. You'll get access to my full Audio Marketing Secrets System. You get lifetime access to exclusive online training and support in your HMA Pro University --including online audio, email, telephone back-up and more.

You'll learn their secret ways of making money. You'll learn how they run their consulting businesses for maximum profits and minimum work. These interviews and training have been published in your HMA University, which means you'll have all the support and feedback you need to make your consulting business fly right from the start. You'll get my famous "Joint Venture Magic" system -- including audio training, joint venture sales letters and more.

And trust me, if you do nothing else but harness and apply the enormous power of joint ventures -- as explained in this course -- you'll never worry about money again. And that's buying one already making money. Wearing an expensive outfit, you strut into your high school reunion and announce to all your old snooty classmates that you own a multimillion-dollar business.