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I'm not in love with who you could be, or who you used to be, or who the world says you should be. I'm in love with you. Right now. Just like this. And absolutely everything I need. And that sometimes it beats for me. I think we may have just bonded. And touch her. A lot. Like, everywhere.

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I need her to say it out loud. All I need is for her to admit she brought him here because she was hurt and scared. I don't care if you aren't ready to admit how you really feel about me yet, but don't you dare dismiss how I feel about you. Because I love you. A bitch who finally met the right asshole. She deserves to feel beautiful. If, however, neither of you has said it yet, things are likely a bit more confusing right now.

Having sex is a normal part of any healthy adult relationship, and it is a huge part of it, as well.

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Some couples choose to hook up right away, while some even wait until marriage, although this seems to be becoming less and less common. How soon did you and your significant other do the deed?

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As they say, beauty fades. Every single one of us will one day be wrinkly, old, and ugly. So while being physically attracted to your partner is important and undoubtedly more fun than if you were not , it is probably more important to be on the same level emotionally, intellectually, and mentally. Depending on your age, five years could seem like a really long time from now, or it could seem like it will go by super fast. The older we get, the faster time goes by, it seems. But picture life with your partner for a minute, five years down the road. What does life with him or her look like?

Not all relationships with a huge age gap are doomed to fail, just like not all relationships with two people of a similar age are guaranteed to work out. But in terms of love and lust, age gap could be a red flag. For the most part, this is referring to how someone looks physically. But it could also go for things like careers, and other aspects of life. Like it or not, most of us have a "type" we are known for going after- whether that means dating, hooking up with, or simply being attracted to.

So think back to your dating history, and decide which type you typically tend to go for. You just finished answering a question about what type of person you generally seek out for a romantic relationship. Now think of the person you are taking this quiz about to find out if you are in love or lust with them. Are they the type of person you are known for being with? Say it is your significant other's birthday. Obviously, the perfect gift is essential, especially if the relationship is somewhat new and you want to show them that you truly care for them.

Of the following gifts, which would be closest to your style of gift-giving for your love? Hollywood is full of excellent examples of what not to do in a relationship, and there are also a surprising number of successful famous relationships that have managed to survive the pressure. Choose one of the following couples that is most similar to you and your BAE. How often a couple sees one another depends a lot on how far into the relationship you are.

Obviously, if you have just begun dating, you will not see each other as much as if you are to the point of cohabitation. But the amount of time you spend together can also help us to know if you are in lust or in love. Even while driving, the hands-free devices make it safe to talk on the road! Between texting, video calling, and regular old telephone calls, couples in lust will probably be in touch all the livelong day!

When you are in a relationship of any kind familial, friendship, romantic, etc. It is much easier to send a text than call every time you need to remind your partner to pick up something from the store or to remind them to walk the dog. But other than the day-to-day stuff, what are your texts like? If any one question will clarify whether you are in love or in lust, it could be this question right here. It is so simple, yet so telling. When it comes to your life in the bedroom, just how hot is it? Are you in the honeymoon phase, all over each other all the time, has the spark come and gone, or is it something else, entirely?

It doesn't matter your age, race, gender, or anything else- every couple has their own unique favorite ways to spend time together as a twosome. From being couch potatoes binging the latest season of GOT, to wining and dining with friends, to physical activities like sports or bedroom action, there are plenty of fun things to do as a couple. What is your favorite? Our friends are often the best judges of character when it comes to who we date, or hook up with, or marry.

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This is because unlike our family members, they are usually the same age as us and know us better than our parents or siblings. So your friends' opinions of your partner could have a huge bearing on your relationship. There is something to be said for the signs of the Zodiac, and in fact, some people base their lives and decisions around their individual signs.

People use their signs to predict their futures, to understand themselves better in all aspects of their lives, and to understand others, as well. When it comes to love and lust, your sign is also helpful to know. It is not uncommon for one person in a relationship to have stronger feelings than the other, especially early on. Since you do not know if you are in love or in lust, we assume that your relationship is in the early stages.

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  • It is often said that the person who cares more is at a disadvantage of some sort, so how does this fit into your relationship? It would be an ideal world if, every time we looked at our significant other, we melted and felt butterflies and then we lived happily ever after.

    But this is the reality for very few people. Even if you are one of the lucky ones who is part of a couple that remains hot for each other until you're gray and old, life is not perfect. If you are in lust, the movie theater is the perfect place to go on a date.

    The semi-privacy that the darkness provides is both romantic and adventurous- if you want to go there. Kissing, holding hands, and even more if you dare are possible in a dark movie theater. Or maybe that is not your thing. Whatever the case, it will be useful in determining whether you are in love or in lust. PDA stands for Public Display of Affection, and while some couples are cool with it, others avoid it at all costs. Holding hands is one thing, but some people take it to the extreme by kissing, making out, or going even further in plain view of other people.

    When it comes to PDA in your relationship, how hot and heavy are you in public? If you had to pick a reason, why do you think your partner is with you? There is probably more than one reason, and it is likely a combination of things that brought you two together in the first place. Most people will cite personality reasons, but let's be completely honest.

    Why is he or she with you? Regardless of what you are upset about everything from hormones to your favorite sports team losing to problems at work, and everything in between , it is nice to know you can rely on your other half to comfort you- no matter what that looks like. In your relationship, what DOES that look like?

    How does he or she comfort you when you need it most?

    How long have you been together?

    Sometimes, the best part of being intimate with someone you love or think you love happens after the fact, just cuddling, talking, or sleeping in the pleasant daydream of satisfied lovers. This is true not just for girls, but guys, too. Of course, maybe you are still at the stage of your relationship when all you want to do is each other- all the time. It is only natural that over time, being an intimate with the same person over and over again will become at least somewhat predictable.

    And this is not necessarily a bad thing. But in the earliest stages of a relationship, things are spicier in the bedroom. Hopefully they stay that way as long as possible.

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    How does intimacy feel with your partner right now? Sleeping together does not just mean having sex, but actually, literally falling asleep together and staying that way all night long.

    Love the Work You Do to Do the Work You Love

    It is a different kind of intimacy, one that most new couples fully appreciate and look forward to. So what is your sleeping style when you get to spend the whole night together? We could only be so lucky to experience a relationship like any of the three answer options for this question. All kids well, at least all little girls grow up dreaming of being a Disney princess and finding that kind of love.

    As far as when we become adults, we are pretty sure men and women alike would love to have a sex life the likes of Christian and Anastasia of 50 Shades of Grey.

    Maybe You Don’t Know What Love Is

    And everyone would love to live a rom-com! Everyone loves a compliment, and depending on who you are, there may be a whole lot to compliment you about! The most common compliments given between romantic partners include about looks, how fun you are, kindness, how they are proud of you for this or that, etc. What does your partner compliment you the most on? Obviously, no relationship on Earth could be summed up in just one word; humans and their relationships with one another are far more complex than that. But for the sake of this quiz, which of the following words BEST describes your current relationship, if you had to choose only one?

    It goes without saying that people who are truly in love will talk about their future as a couple. Whether you are married and talking about having kids down the line, or you just recently started dating and are talking about attending an upcoming wedding together, if you are talking about the future at all, it bodes well for the fact that you are probably in love and not lust. Be honest; there is a reason you are taking this quiz.

    If you are worried about being in love or in lust at all, it must mean that you care a great deal about your significant other, and you are probably wondering if they feel the same way. Trust your gut instinct on this one. You are the best judge of your own life and feelings, so if you had to say, are you in lust or are you in love?

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