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Certain 'bulges' were highlighted in photographs by conspiracy theorists with little better to do adding fuel to the allegations. In fact, these rumours still persist to this day despite Lady Gaga unequivocally proving otherwise by posing starkers. When you picture Ozzy Osbourne in your head odds are you immediately conjure up images of the 80's rock god biting the head off a bat live on stage, as is the most often repeated so-called fact of his career.

False facts about classic rock artists you always thought were true

Well, this one actually has a modicum of truth to it but the full story probably isn't as you might have imagined it to be. Ozzy did indeed chow down on some bat during a live show during his 80's heyday but it was a complete accident.

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Grabbing what he thought to be a prop bat on stage, Ozzy bit its head off only to learn that the 'prop' was very real and some rock and roll mythology was born. He's never repeated it. When Keith Richards eventually kicks the bucket it might be wise to have a team of scientists study him to find out exactly how he's managed to make it in to his 70's. Perhaps the most debaucherous figure in all of music and that's saying something Richards' drug and alcohol use is the thing of legend, often prompting speculation as to how he hasn't died several times over already.

One rumour claims to explain it and it centres around a strange medical procedure which flushes all the blood out of your system and replaces it with cleaner, healthier blood. Unfortunately for us all, no such procedure exists. The rumours stemmed from a trip to Switzerland prior to the Rolling Stones' Pacific Tour where Richards did in fact undergo a blood treatment called haemodialysis to help repair a damaged kidney but this alone does not explain Keef's baffling longevity.

When the Beatles rolled into Buckingham Palace to collect their MBE's in , rumour has it that they excused themselves briefly and high-tailed it to the jacks to smoke a joint to calm their nerves ahead of meeting the Queen. The source of this rumour? John Lennon. This tale was taken as scripture until, several years later, Paul McCartney admitted that it was false.

Macca explained that the boys did nip out for a smoke but that their cigarettes were completely above board. By the time the White Album was released in though, you can be sure that their cigarettes became a hell of a lot less law-abiding - they just never smoked 'em in the Queen's gaff. Elliott's hefty frame lent weight to the rumour that food had played a part in her demise. Not so. While a partially eaten ham sandwich was indeed found nearby, Mama Cass died from a heart attack after months of crash-dieting after losing around 35kg in just eight months.

So it was her lack of food intake, rather than the opposite, which ultimately caused her death at the age of The most interesting, and rarely mentioned, fact about her death? Paul McCartney died in and was replaced by a lookalike.

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Facing the demise of their band, the surviving Beatles opted to try and find a replacement, one who looks like and - crucially - sings just like Paul and to just make nice and pretend the entire thing didn't happen. Sounds legit, right?

Another Top 10 Most Shocking Music Myths

These rumours originally stemmed from a call to Detroit station WKNR-FM from a caller who claimed that some Beatles songs contained lyrics which proved Paul had died but in reality, Paul was travelling between France and Kenya between the 6th and 19th November and was very much still alive. The golden goose of rock n' roll mythology.

When just about any influential music figure dies it is often followed by a litany of "so-and-so faked their death" rumours but none have stuck more than that of Elvis Presley. The official story is that The King died of a heart attack on August 16th Zappa was actually boringly conservative for a rambling guitar rocker and was one of the most vocal anti-drug performers of his time. When asked directly about the incident, Zappa said, "I never took a shit on stage, and the closest I ever came to eating shit anywhere was at a Holiday Inn buffet in Fayetteville, N.

The legend: Marilyn Manson, who decided getting breast implants and being an ordained priest in the Church of Satan didn't make him creepy enough, had his lowest set of ribs removed so he could perform autofellatio That' where you blow yourself. Read a book, dammit. Why it grosses us out: There' basically nothing Marilyn Manson can do that wouldn't make us uncomfortable. Also, this myth requires that you acknowledge the existence of Marilyn Manson' penis, which we're assuming bares its fangs and writhes around like a snake when exposed to daylight.

Why we still hope it' true: We, uh Yeah, but is it: A thorough investigation into the matter, conducted only for the purposes of this article, proved that there is no evidence of a successful rib-removal surgery in all of the Western world. Of course, that doesn't take into account the Eastern world, as well as any surgery attempts that aren't on record.

Also, medical research conducted for this article, and only for this article, reveal that it would actually be more helpful to remove a vertebrate. The legend: Rod Stewart passed out at an after party and had to get his stomach pumped after ingesting a gallon of semen. Why it grosses us out: A gallon of semen? We can't even get through a gallon of milk without throwing up. Why we still hope it' true: The Rod Stewart-semen-stomach-pump story blazed a path for the same rumor to be applied to countless modern pop stars. So, either blowing thousands of dudes is a proud tradition passed down from one pop star generation to the next, or there is an intergenerational tendency among American men to imagine popular male musicians with dicks in their mouths.

We'll take the option where Jon Bon Jovi' the creep and we're just doing our jobs reporting the gruesome facts. Yeah, but is it: It' almost definitely false, though Rod isn't helping his case with his denials.

In a Rolling Stone interview Stewart commented, "It was so laughable, it never really hurt me. What could it have been? A fleet of fucking sailors? Or, footballers? The legend: While staying at the Edgewater Hotel in a hotel that allows guests to fish from their room balconies-Led Zeppelin caught a mud shark and then proceeded to use it sexually on a bound groupie.

Exactly how is a matter for grim speculation only. Why it grosses us out: Because it sounds like an even more disturbing version of the most disturbing scene in A Clockwork Orange. It also, for whatever reason, makes us acknowledge the existence of Marilyn Manson' dick again. Why we still hope it' true: The way we heard it, the chick was totally into it, which helps undercut the "Oh, my God, that's horrific" factor. Still, a shark?

Classic rock myths you always believed

And, you thought that little pussy-riding prop you brought home to spice things up was "edgy. This legend is also appealing because it takes some of the sting out of realizing your favorite rock band is singing primarily about Lord of the Rings characters. Zep aren't nerds, man! Zep boned a chick with a fucking shark! Yeah, but is it: Sort of, but in a stripped-down, pathetic kind of way. The widely accepted "true version" of the legend is that the band's road manager Richard Cole caught a red snapper, and, as the groupie in question was a natural red-head, made the inevitable lame joke and applied the fish to her crimson honeypot.

Legend also has it that John Bonham was present, but otherwise engaged in a rousing game of Dungeons and Dragons. Michael writes and performs for the Internet sketch troupe Those Arent' Muskets! Sometimes the follow-up is worse than original headline-grabbing story.

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