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Ride along the long slope for about 11KM to reach the Mazha Daban marked by milestone The Station has a higher altitude of m. Then, easily reach the Mazha Army Service Station marked by milestone by declivity. Here, some small and simple restaurants and hostels can be found. Then, ride on the bumpy stone road to reach the milestone If you want to make a phone call, satellite phone call is available here. Here, you will start climbing the M-high Heika Daban at millestone As you ascend, there are a lot of upgrade and spiral mountain roads.

Heavy wind blows when you climb down the mountain. A section of the road has been washed off near to the milestone After upgrading M from the milestone the former High-way Keepers House , you get into the windy valley.

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The bumpy detritus road along the River leads to the Mile Barracks marked by the milestone Ride up the river valley to reach milestone and climb over the mountain from there. The roads are straight and comparatively flat. The milestone Ride down hard against the wind. Getting onto the No. Pass it, you will need to ride up a sand slope and then turn to a depression of valley. Speeding up is impossible until reaching the M-high Hongliutan marked by milestone as there is a lot of sand on the road surface. Stay at camp for the night.

You may rest here for a while as energy will rapidly consumed in the following ride.

Silk Road Tour:Silk Road Travel Experts_China SilkRoad Travel

Upgrade ends and downgrade begins at milestone Upgrade again starts at milestone Climb over the M-high Qitai Daban at milestone The downgrade extends to wasteland with buttes in the surrounding area. You may stop here hiking or picturing for a while. Then, ride on to get to the last stop in Xinjiang, the tianshuihai Army Service Station , which is the highest Station in China. It is expensive to stay overnight at the Army Service Station, so we suggest that you camp nearby. Tip: The weather changes greatly and suddenly in the Tinashuijing area and many people got obvious altitude sickness here.

According to some local people and soldiers, it is better to go on the journey and camp further. Starting from the Tianshuihai Sweet Water Sea military depot, you are suggested to cycle for 96 kilometers to reach Sirengou Death Gully Most part of this path is bumpy, you must get fully prepared.

A gentle up slope trail extends along the valley and a lake seats at K; you need to proceed to 8 kilometers upgrading path and another 1 kilometer downgrading path to get to Sirengou Death Gully m. The sunset is beautiful in Sirengou. Note: The location name of K, Cycle along the lake for 7 to 8 kilometers and then get into a valley, abandon the original lake bank path, upgrade temperedly and downgrade to the side of lake.

Then you need to climb up and get over Jieshandaban K and please note that the latter part is quite steep. After several up and down trail, you will reach Sumxi K. A military depot stands nearby; you might lodge there and camp on the roadside. Some Tibetan families also dots there, and you might ask for some hot water. The trail comes to wave along the mountainside.

As lots of paths prolong ahead, you can go across the Basin easily. Turn left, cycle along the left side of the mountain and circumambulate around the mountain on the bumpy path until Domar K. The first Tibetan village lies here, and you will find room and board, military depot and plain infirmary there. The route is generally similar to the last days. One kilometer gentle path lies in front of an annular ride of another mountain. Continue an up and down road to K, then ride along the Bangong Lake until K. You will meet Bangong Fish Restaurant, and taste the fresh and delicious fish.

After a full meal, proceed to Rutok Ritu county by circumambulating a lake. Rutok is a small county, but has Net Bar.

You can stay in the local hostel. This route is full of frustration, as it has been repaired for a long time and you need to cross over plenty of rivers. Risum Risong county lies at K, 30 kilometers from Rutok, and it sells tent and other groceries. When you cycle for 73 kilometers, you will see a large river. Cross the river and ride for another 6 kilometers, you will see an isolated shepherd house and you can camp there in your tent. Surmount a mountain m by 20 kilometers up slope trail and another 36 kilometers down slope trail to reach Trithapuri Lion River, Shiquanhe county.

Trithapuri County is a relatively large county. There are lots of ATM of various banks. The initial trail is even bituminous macadam sweeping for 14 kilometers and then you will climb up for 10 kilometers and reach Shazidaba. The piercing wind counteracts severely and you need to be well prepared for such terrible gust. Namru village lies at K and two tea shops stand there.

Tsaparang, the oldest center of Guge Kingdom, disappeared in the middle of 17 Century. After fully exploring the ancient Guge Kingdom, drive back to Namru, prepare for the following riding. When you march for 6 kilometers until K, the bituminous macadam disappears. You will reach Jiangbu Village to have a cup of tea and take a short rest after 30 kilometers riding. The cycling becomes harder in the latter 30 kilometers, as the wavelike path gets together with mad gust. You might camp near the military depot.

You might stay in the Menshi Village. There are telephone and post office there.

Islamization and Turkification of Xinjiang

Ride for 12 kilometers and you will climb on a small up slope, and around 23 kilometers more later, get over another slope and go through a river. Then proceed to Darchen Taqin. This route is totally 64 kilometers today. Darchen is the main gateway and the village in front of Mt. The guide will help you organize yaks or ponies for the Kailash circuit trek at Darchen. Overnight in Darchen. Start the Kailash circuit today, this kora covers 53 kms and can be done in 3 days.

We head west in clockwise direction. Only 4 kilometers from Darchen the trail climbs up over the southwest end of the ridge to reach a cairn 4,m. Then, trail bends around to north to the Tarboche flagpole. The flagpole is replaced each year at the Saga Dawa festival. This tour takes you to the Silk Road and some of the most amazing cities and regions in China. Your journey goes to the historical and fascinating Silk Road cities and locations, including Kashgar, Tur Nowadays, the Great Silk Road Travel is a metaphor for cultural discovery and exchange.

It was not simply a route for commercial activities, but also a cultural highway linking the East and the West. We will visit watch towers guarding the Great Wall of China built by the Han emperors camp that are scattered throughout the area This tour includes destinations that have not yet been listed in the itineraries of most Chinese tour agencies. One such point of interest is a quiet, picturesque Tibetan village at an elevation of Feature of this fantastic tour: Start from the capital, this tour will take you to the mysterious and attractive historical Silk Route in China, where you will visit many historical wonders, Buddhism t If you intend to do the Silk Road tour coming in to Kashgar from the western border of China,this will be the best tour for you.

Urumqi used to play a very important linking role on the ancient Silk Road , and has created its own brilliant Western Region Culture of many different groups to minority and custom. On this furthest province from the oceans in China, there are the Centre of Asia Marker , Glittering and mysterious glacier, majestic mountains, pure picturesque Tianchi Lake , colorful bay From Urumqi, you can travel to any other destinations in Xinjiang by convenient plane, bus or train, such as Turpan , Kashgar , Kanas Lake, etc.

Majestic Mountains of Xinjiang

Urumqi is also a diverse cultural city. Here you can find beautiful buildings of modern and ethnic, exquisite arts, frisky dancing party, etc. Wherever there is a party or ceremony, people dance and laugh accompanied by fair-sounding musics.

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Spend a day trip to catch the picturesque landscape of Tianchi Lake after Urumqi city tour. The best time of visiting - June to October. Take a side trip to the Southern Pasture where you can see beautiful valleys and pasture. The best time of visiting - April to October. Ideal trip to learn about Xinjiang's culture and history. Visit some famous buildings and sites which played important role in during Xinjiang history. Connect golden-triangle destinations in Xinjiang - Urumqi, Turpan and Kashgar. You will enjoy the amazing sightseeing while learn about Silk Road culture. Bogda Peak is a challenging climb due to its steep relief.