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Search form. Support the analysis by prototyping and testing. Refine the design and requirements for the non-steerable low-gain antenna usable for the future airborne satcom terminals.

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Support the long-term satcom avionics standardization. Challenges External dependencies: The resolution of some of the air interface open issues depend on the inputs from the industry which are yet to be consolidated. The non-steerable low gain antenna LGA design optimization done under this study provides important inputs for future antenna specs. The technical note will be publicly released through ESA web pages. There are 10 issues in total, each addressed in dedicated section. Current status Iris-Convergence contract was signed in April The activity has been completed in March Iris Service Evolution.

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  • Attitude Maneuver Control of Flexible Spacecraft with Finite-Time Convergence?
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  • Attitude Maneuver Control of Flexible Spacecraft with Finite-Time Convergence.
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Prime Contractor. Contacts Honeywell, Turanka Czech Republic. Stecha Honeywell. The Netherlands.

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Status date Tuesday, April 11, - Find us on social media. Contact National Delegations Newsletter Register. Man, Non-singular terminal sliding mode control of rigid manipulators, Automatica. All Rights Reserved. Log In.

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Paper Titles. Article Preview. Abstract: The attitude maneuver control of flexible spacecraft with finite-time convergence is investigated in this paper. Add to Cart. Applied Mechanics and Materials Volumes Main Theme:. Mechatronics and Applied Mechanics. Edited by:. Jing Guo. Online since:. February Cited by.

[] On the convergence of stochastic MPC to terminal modes of operation

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Abstract: Precise dynamic model of spacecraft is essential for the space missions, to be completed successfully. Nevertheless, the independent orbit or attitude dynamic models can not meet high precision tasks. This paper developed a 6-DOF relative coupling dynamic model based upon the nonlinear relative motion dynamics equations and attitude kinematics equations described by MRP. Nonlinear synchronization control law was designed for the coupled nonlinear dynamic model, whose close-loop system was proved to be global asymptotic stable by Lyapunov direct method.

Finallly, the simulation results illustrate that the nonlinear adaptive synchronization control algorithm can robustly drive the orbit and attitude errors to converge to zero.


Abstract: This investigation is concerned with the non-linear multi-in-multi-out tracking control of a spacecraft with Double-gimbaled control moment gyros as actuators. An attitude dynamic model of rigid spacecraft with DGCMG and a kinematics model in terms of Modified Rodriguez parameters are given for the controller development. Then the control objective and system uncertainties in tracking problem are analyzed considering the major elements which work on the control performance such as moment of inertia change, wheel speed drift and external torque.

A adaptive sliding mode controller is designed and is proved stable later in which the sliding mode control are used to compensate external torque and un-modeled dynamics while the adaptive parameters are used to estimate inertia and wheel speed on line. Finally Monte Carlo simulation is carried out to prove the effectiveness of the controller.

Abstract: A new attitude controller is proposed in this paper considering variable flywheels output torque saturation limit. Control model is discussed while the time-varying and state-dependent torque saturation limit is derived. The new controller is similar to linear assignment of torque limit and covers attitude feedback information.

With Lyapunov method, the asymptotic convergence of controlled system states is proved.