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They impose the fundamental principles of justice and constitutional laws on way of life: that is, its members' commitment to challenge and to transform injustices and . it is employed to protect other global social, economic, ecological and political Justice as Attunement: Transforming Constitutions in Law, Literature.

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Appeals against traffic offense fines are arriving daily but should you think that the law has become soft towards dangerous driving; the words of Hector Monge from Consevi Consejo de Seguridad Vial or Road Safety Council says that appeals against tickets issued for driving whilst talking on a cell phone, driving without a valid annual vehicle inspection certificate, driving without a license or drunk-driving will not be heard. While his firm stand on a number of traffic offenses may be admirable; the implication of his comment is that other offenses, such as speeding are appealable and no clear-cut cases of wrong doing.

In May , the month of their introduction, over 36, vehicles were recorded driving between 5 and 10 mph above the speed limit. This figure dropped by an incredible sixty percent in June. Consevi had intended that the installation of the speeding cameras would continue to reduce the number of speeding motorists on the road; shockingly in their first seven hours of use, 2, speeding motorists were recorded, four of whom were traveling at over 93 mph. I just returned from Costa Rica with my daughter and her friend.

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While on the Nicoyan Peninsula I was forced to rent a car as I did not realize how isolated it was. We had been in Manuel Antonio. He too offered to not write the ticket if I gave him cash. Other people had been passing me all day as I was not driving fast enough. Next time, I will stay in Manuel Antonio and hail a cab. The penisula is TOO isolated. This is our first visit to beautiful Costa Rica. On our way to lake Aerenal we were stop by the policia for speeding in a no passing zone. He quickly escorted our friend from the car. I have photos and a story that will entertain us for a lifetime.

Im from Mexico Ive been living in San Jose since last year, if you decided to come this is one of the things you will see here. Subscribe to our Blog by entering your email address: Comments Therese Keohane says: Outside your cabin porch, you have an incredibly rare view of La India Dormida. We are located next to a private preserve with hundreds of acres of virgin forest.

Costa Rica eyeing four candidates to lead La Sele But the speed cameras are a drop in the ocean in the sea of motoring discontent that seethes in the normally peaceful Costa Rica.

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Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page. Costa Rica, officially called Republic of Costa Rica. Costa Rica's estimated population is approximately 4,, as of The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish, with various people also speaking English [4]. Costa Rica is bordered by Panama to the east and south and Nicaragua to the north.

The Pacific Ocean west and south and Caribbean see east also form the borders.

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Costa Rica is approximately 19, sq mi including landmass and water. Costa Rica has a consistent climate of tropical and subtropical year round, varying with location. Their climate can be divided into two seasons, winter wet season and summer dry season depending on the amount of rainfall. Temperatures may vary depending on location.

Costa Rica's terrain can be considered rugged. The official state religion is Catholicism. The Constitution provides, however, for freedom of religion, and the Government generally respects this right in practice. A University of Costa Rica study found that 47 percent of the population identified themselves as practicing Catholics, 25 percent considered themselves nonpracticing Catholics, 13 percent said they were evangelical Protestants, 10 percent reported that they did not have a religion, and 5 percent declared that they belonged to "another religion.

Costa Rica's GDP is approximately The GDP per capita was about 6, as of The unemployment rate as of is estimated at 6.

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The natural resources occurring in Costa Rica consist of; hydroelectricity, forestry, and fish. Their major imports contribute to about Costa Rica government is regarded as a democratic republic. Their constitution that was written in and divides the government into an executive branch includes the President and two vice presidents , the legislature branch includes 57 members of the National Assembly members are elected every four years, and the judicial branch 22 magistrates elected by Legislative Assembly The Legislature is the primary source for law, they pass and approve them.

The laws must then be published in the of ficial gazette and can be accessed via internet by citizens.

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The seventeen justices are selected by the legislature. The President and National assembly are elected by proportional representation, and are chosen every four years on the first Sunday of February. The voting age for Costa Rica is eighteen and if they are citizens of Costa Rica, they are required to vote in National Elections. The constitutional amendment that was created in allows the President to serve only one term of four years and the National Assembly to serve two consecutive terms of four years each. These Costa Rican provinces are ruled by a governor who is appointed by the President.

Then, the Costa Rican provinces are divided into 80 counties. And, a council elected by Costa Ricans governs each county. As a rule it is an abstract review, although a concrete review is also possible. In addition to the aposteriori review, a priori review is also foreseen. The decisions have an erga omnes effect with reference to the absolute authority of the institution by which they are taken. Articles one and two of the legal guidelines described in the Organic law of Judicial Branch express the judicial review. In addition to the functions assigned to it by the Constitution, the Judicial Branch shall conduct trials on civil, criminal, juvenile criminal, commercial, labor, and administrative cases regarding property, constitutional, family, and agrarian matters, as well as others established by law.

It shall make final decisions on such matters and carry out such decisions, with the help of law enforcement if necessary. No other responsibilities can be imposed on it except those expressly indicated by legislative provisions. However, the superior authority of the Court shall prevail over performance of its duties to ensure that the administration of justice is swift and complete.

Costa Rica's court systems have a reputation for fairness. Their justice system determines the outcomes of each case by a single judge or a panel of judges. There is no jury system in the Costa Rican courts. Unless they are voted out by the Legislative Assembly they can serve consecutive terms of eight years.

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The Supreme Court Judges choose the judges for the civil and penal courts. The administrative rules for the judicial branch are set forth in the Ley Organica del Poder Judicial. Chamber II Sala Segunda is presided over by five magistrates and has appellate jurisdiction over civil matters including family law, estates and labor law. Chamber IV Sala Cuarta has exclusive jurisdiction over all constitutional matters. In Costa Rica there are public and private schools of law, varying with quality of education. This variation of of quality of education occurs because the Costa Rican Bar Association does not play a role of regulating the school's curriculum.

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University of Costa Rica School of Law is the only public institution of law. Once the formal education to practice law is complete one must be admitted as an Attorney to the Costa Rican Bar Association. In it was estimated that Costa Rica housed prisoners per , of the national populations. Their total prison population was estimated at 7, out of the 6.

Although judges make the final decisions, punishment is pre outlined by the penal code. Punishment can vary from fines, imprisonment, and house arrest depending on the crime. Maximum security for males, 2.

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Maximum security for females, 3. Juvenile institution for males, and 4. Co-Ed juvenile institution.

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The Ministry of Justice has authority over the prisons, and is managed by the Department of Social Adaptation. There is a typical ratio of one guard to every 20 inmates. This entitles the prisoner to move to an open or semi-open facility and to make a smoother transition back into civilian life. Along with good behavior these programs may lessen their time in prison and help the transition back to life outside the prison. Although there is not much recreational activities provided, family visit, food, medical care, and religious needs are provided for each inmate. Prisoners generally receive humane treatment.

Prisoners are separated by sex and by level of security. Any Disparities among the prisons are investigated by the Ombudsman's office and serious case would be passed on to the public prosecutor. As of August , the Ombudsman's office had received two complaints of physical abuse of prisoners by guards, and four complaints of psychological abuse; compared with six complaints of physical abuse and six complaints of psychological abuse in all of Crimes Punishable by Fines: [35]. Costa Rica abolished its military on December 1, and was stated in the Constitution in under Article The Costa Rican president of acknowledged the first day of December Military abolition day Law Since then Costa Rica has shifted its military budget to funding security, education, and culture.

It can be assumed that military would be presented if Costa Rica was in need of self defense and peacekeeping and why we see Costa Rica as being considered having conscription if needed.