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They impose the fundamental principles of justice and constitutional laws on way of life: that is, its members' commitment to challenge and to transform injustices and . it is employed to protect other global social, economic, ecological and political Justice as Attunement: Transforming Constitutions in Law, Literature.

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This was an engrossing, exciting, captivating story :D It had a bit of a "Twilight" feel to it - but in a good way. If you can imagine that. The whole thing about angels and demons was beyond interesting. Usually when books have an extra point of view - not one of the mcs' - I jump it. I was expecting to skip the demon Damien's pov as well, but nope. Too interesting.

I want it This was an engrossing, exciting, captivating story :D It had a bit of a "Twilight" feel to it - but in a good way. I want it to be rightly portrayed, and in this case, I feel that it was. Obviously we don't know the details about angels' and demons' lives and much of this came out the author's imagination but the idea was right. And it's interesting, because while this wasn't "real", it is "real".

This is fiction - but such things could be taking place. We don't actually know all this could happen, but it brought a good kind of awareness. Do I usually think about what is going on in the sky? And as a story - as a plot - as characters - these were fascinating and unlike anything I've read before.

Brielle was a nice character. It was interesting that a lot of important information about her was in her past. The story started here - but the backstory was oh, so important. It was a great character arc about brokenness and believing and healing. Who have specialty.

And Jake was just perfect. Sweet and good and selfless. So maybe you'll complain about too much perfection but this time I don't care ;D I liked those little side details along the way. About school and the classroom and her home and dad and the food and donuts and cars and photos and bedrooms I could visualize it so well. It brought a wonderful realism to it. This dealed with choices and healing and brokenness and truth and eyes being opened.

Great themes. And I think the themes were really symbolized and personified in Jake's and Brielle's gifts. It was pure awesome. That was really new and And that is just how I saw it. It wasn't as if the author was blatantly trying to make her readers aware of this - it just naturally flowed out of the story. And so I am pleased. It left many thoughts behind. I highly recommend :D May 25, Zac rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya , fantasy , paranormal-supernatural , romance , read-in , new-authorcfd-challenge , contemporary , favorites. This is a review for the entire Angel Eyes trilogy This series was absolutely amazing.

My mind was and still is totally blown away. I'd heard good things about it before, but I never really took it to heart. But now I wish I had. My copy of Angel Eyes sat on my shelf, gathering dust, for almost two years before I actually read it. Okay, so here's the short version: The Angel Eyes trilogy oozes with uniqueness, gorgeous prose, flawless w This is a review for the entire Angel Eyes trilogy This series was absolutely amazing. Okay, so here's the short version: The Angel Eyes trilogy oozes with uniqueness, gorgeous prose, flawless writing, and characters so real you feel what they feel, hear what they hear, see what they see or rather, don't see.

Shannon Dittemore has really outdone herself with this debut trilogy. Not to be missed, and highly recommended! Now for the long version. I will be breaking it down by reviewing somewhat briefly each book individually. I think it's my favorite of the entire trilogy. It just has the first-book adrenaline, you know?

I said it before, but this book sat on my shelf for nearly two years before I read it, and that is one of my biggest regrets. I could have discovered this series so much sooner!!! So, here we're introduced to Brielle, an year-old professional dancer who's coming back home to Stratus, Oregon after a tragic event view spoiler [her pregnant friend Ali was brutally murdered hide spoiler ] Her life is crumbling around her, and emotions are on the fritz.

In comes Jake. The overly friendly and uncomfortably attractive guy who's really hot. But not "hot" hot. Heat literally pulses off his body. Brielle can feel it without even touching him. Why is he so warm? Fast forward a little bit. Things are getting pretty whacky. Then comes Marco view spoiler [Ali's supposed killer hide spoiler ]. Now things are seriously ballistic. And the story is full-blown addicting from thereon out. I found no flaw with Angel Eyes.

It was, to me, about the closest a novel could get to perfection. I never wanted to stop turning the pages; my attention was always gripped the moment I cracked the spine till I closed the back flap. All is well in Stratus, in the Celestial, and in Brielle's life. Her and Jake's relationship has bloomed into something beautiful. Brielle hasn't loved anyone more in her life; she wouldn't trade what she had with him for the world.

Well, this book starts out pretty happy--and actually stays that way, surprisingly.

Jake's Redemption: The Angel Eyes Series Prequel by Jamie Schulz - Book Publicity Services

Only a few bumps in the road a mysterious woman that rubs Brielle the wrong way named Olivia Holt has come into town, and Brielle's dad is drinking again keep this from being a fluffy read. Then we get to about page No, I'm kidding. But seriously. Gigantic angels called Sabres have come down from heaven, and they're tearing down the Veil between the Celestial angelic realm and Terrestrial earthly realm.

Their worship and song is beautiful, but what will happen once the Veil tears and the realms collide? And to add onto that, Damien and the Prince of Darkness himself Satan are after Brielle and Jake for their supernatural gifts. I really didn't care for the ending. A cliffhanger, but not an emotionally gripping one. It literally just left you hanging. Almost like this book and Dark Halo were originally one book, and were separated to make a trilogy.

Altogether, I didn't enjoy Broken Wings as much as Angel Eyes , but it was still fantastic nonetheless. Dittemore's writing remained punchy yet musical, and the characters and situations felt real as ever. The finale. As soon I cracked open the spine, I could my heart strings being tugged. This was it. The ending to the trilogy I'd read throughout the summer. It was very bittersweet.

Dark Halo picks up right where Broken Wings left off. Brielle is heartbroken, desperate to have her true love back. Her faith that's grown so strong throughout the series is dwindling. She's losing hope. What if she and Jake were never meant to be together after all? So Brielle and her best friend Kaylee who I've failed to mention up to this point it seems hit the road, intent on rescuing Jake. But they're walking right into a trap. Now Brielle is stranded in a desert with Satan himself.

And he's offering her another halo--a mirrored ring that will destroy her Celestial vision. Will Brielle trade the beauty of the Celestial to taste the feeling of being ordinary again?

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Okay, enough summary. This was probably my least favorite book in the trilogy but holy hot sauce, definitely my favorite cover! There wasn't anything wrong with it, I just prefer it least overall. Maybe it's the grimness of the story? I don't know. It was still a marvelous book. And the ending. Well, more like the last 50 pages. It really was. The way everything came together view spoiler [i. Jake and Ali are twins! And the way Brielle and the others, kind of defeated Satan was so emotional, so inspiring, heroic, and beautiful. How many times have I used the word "beautiful" in this review?

Probably way too many, but that word alone just sums up this entire trilogy. Okay, so now I just want to briefly sum up some of my favorite things about all three books. So many times I snickered or busted out laughing. Shannon has a great sense of humor! Again, obviously. But rather than Brielle or Jake being my favorite characters this time though their journeys were both so, so beautiful , Kaylee takes the spot as my favorite.

She grew so much throughout the trilogy, and she is hilarious! I love her so much. Everyone should have a friend like Kaylee. I don't even know if I should call it that. Spiritual relationship sounds better to me! It was so real. So inspiring.

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They way all the characters grew in or discovered God This is a trilogy I'll be reading over and over again. My only regret is not reading it earlier. Then maybe I could've enjoyed it more! I give all three books my highest recommendation. I hope you all read this trilogy one day! View all 4 comments. Mar 14, Shantelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-fiction , contemporary , read-in , reviewed , on-my-bookshelf , romance , young-adult , gruesome-violent , speculative-fiction. With plenty of excitement, danger, and emotion, a tender, stirring love story, and what is making out to be an unapologetic faith theme, this speculative fiction novel is worth giving a try!

It delved into some harsh but relevant happenings such as sex trafficking and other evil, and is so much more than just a sappy, teen romance. Though more of a heavy read, 4. Though more of a heavy read, I can't wait to see how this story turns out. Feb 26, Jerry rated it it was amazing.

Not since Frank Peretti's Darkness series or Lis Wiehl's similarly-themed works have I read such an excellent depiction of spiritual warfare! Aug 15, Jane rated it it was amazing. I read this book in one sitting because I just could. The concept of this book is so unique and intriguing and the story within did not disappoint! I loved each of the characters so much.

The was such depth and uniqueness to each of them and their stories were so real to me. I was absolutely sucked into their world and I couldn't escape. The setti I read this book in one sitting because I just could. Probably one of the most page turning books I've read in a while, particularly since it's my first time with these characters and this author.

It's definitely going to be a favourite of mine for this year if not all time! I'm head over heals with this book and highly recommend it. Can't wait to plunge straight into book two! Dec 14, Emma rated it really liked it. Really enjoyable and fabulous use of theology. It may not be for everyone with the religious theme but I enjoyed it.

I will begin by saying that although I really enjoyed this book I can see it isn't going to be for everyone. There are heavy religious undertones which are only to be expected from an author whose father and husband are both preachers. Although the religious aspect is fundamental to the story-line it doesn't advocate a particular belief system, which was refreshing.

Both sides of t Really enjoyable and fabulous use of theology. Both sides of the theological debate were equally depicted giving the reader plenty of food for thought. Told in dual first person narrative from the perspective of Brielle and Jake. Brielle has just returned to her home town following a tragedy in New York.

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This tragedy is shrouded in mystery, cleverly woven into the narrative adding an ingenious plot twist as all the elements are revealed. Having lost her mother at an early age, Brielle doesn't have much faith in God. Jake is the opposite, he oozes faith and calm, the mysterious new boy at school Brielle is drawn to.

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As the story unfolds fate and destiny are examined closely, showing beautifully the way free-will and external influences can alter the path we choose to take with our lives. The writing style is vividly descriptive balancing deep philosophical debates with touches of humor and engaging characters. The clever weaving of the Old Testament into the plot gave depth to the story as a whole. The theological debate within the story was very interesting; begging the question I am sure most of us have thought at one point or another - why does God let some people suffer or die while others that may deserve to suffer don't.

Is there a bigger picture, does God have some sort of plan, do people move onto another plain where they have a purpose to fulfill??? The examination of faith was skilfully depicted no matter what your belief system. I especially liked the way fear was portrayed, used by evil as a means of control.

How fear holds people back in more ways than we fully comprehend at the time, how it can paralyze and corrupt.

Jake’s Redemption: The Angel Eyes Series Prequel by Jamie Schulz

I have to say the ending was really unexpected and has completely left me longing to know what happens next. I have become invested Brielle and Jake's future. I cannot believe I have to wait an entire year to find out what happens. I don't know what it was about this book that made me love it, but I just did. This book had beautiful writing, a great story, everything! I cant give any details about anything specific, because that would give some spoilers.

Really good! Can't wait to read book two!! Clean rating: Some bloody fights, including some that included deaths. May 05, Chantel rated it really liked it. It kind of reminds me Unearthly by Cynthia Hand, but this probably looks better! It suits the story perfectly well and the font of the title looks like it's made from those firework sprinklers!

Okay, so now actually onto the story. At first, it was actually quite confusing. I thought she was like stalked by a serial killer or something. But then that all cleared up after her Dad picks her up and etc. As i began to read on, I thought this was yet again one of those stories where the girl is fragile and secretly contains like a super power, then falls in love with a hero.

I wasn't wrong, this was kind of what happened, but there was a twist to it and that was what made me not mind it, it was also what made me read on. I liked seeing Brielle loving the name! There was a pinch of humor in this book, not a lot but when it was there, it was either cute or sweet. It didn't really make me laugh out loud, but it did put a smile on my face. For example, I just had to smile with my teeth when she first meets Jake in the I liked how they carried on this little "Joke" of theirs.

Jake and Brielle's relationship was quite predictable though very sweet. It did take them quite a while to actually kiss but they've kind of been building i suppose. Super cute couple! All I can really say about them to be honest. The plot was interesting I liked how Shannon Dittemore still kept to some of the original Angel stuff but adding a little twist of her own into it. I also liked the religious feel to it, like God being alive and helping them:!

Artbook ASMR - Angel Eyes (Banana Fish Illustrations)

It kind of shows us the praying does help! My favorite character in this story would have to be Jake! He was just super cute and basically just the perfect boyfriend. Not really that much to say about him, read the book and you'll know what i mean. I was quite shocked nearer to the end. I thought all that fighting was over, but then it practically came racing back again!

I also got a little bit emotional with the characters I'm not going to spoil it, but it did make me cry. Shannon Dittemore's writing was very unique. Not in a bad way of course. The thing with her writing is that she doesn't really explain the things to you, you kind of have to take the hints and figure it out yourself. Normally, i don't like things like this but I actually kind of like it in this book! It just made me more curious and want to read on! There was only 2 downsides to this book for me. It helped me understand what was going on through both perspectives but i just found his ones a bit boring.

The second one was when Brielle found out about Angels. Now, I would've freaked out if i found out that Angels were real. But with Brielle, it seemed like she took it well, a little bit too well. Overall, I did enjoy this story a lot! It may not be something i would re-read, but it was definitely enjoyable. Totally recommend this to Unearthly fans! Nov 01, Lacey Jordan rated it it was amazing. Brielle the ballerina is headed back to her sleepy hometown of Stratus after a tragic event unfolds in Portland.

Jake, the new boy in town, heats up the cold and dreary Stratus as well as a numb and grieving Brielle. Not only are her eyes reopened to life, but they are forever changed by a world she never knew existed. A great story and reminder that we do not war against flesh and blood, but that there is always greater battles being waged. Angel Eyes is full of action, loss, love, great charac Brielle the ballerina is headed back to her sleepy hometown of Stratus after a tragic event unfolds in Portland. Angel Eyes is full of action, loss, love, great characters, and even greater truths to behold!

The story ends with a cliffhanger that will surely make the anticipation for book two Broken Wings that much sweeter! This book is a must read!

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  7. Apr 03, Rose rated it it was ok Shelves: supernatural , netgalley , contemporary , romance , arc-or-galley , young-adult , paranormal , tbr-challenge , fantasy , christian-fiction. Initial reactions: Not bad, but definitely not the best angel book I've had the pleasure of reading. I think there are certain moments where the book shines with the chemistry and interaction of the characters, as well as the imagery. However, there are quite many awkward pop culture references and transitions that did deter me as I was reading the book.

    Did I find it too telling? In some parts, yeah, but I don't think its messages were that heavy handed compared to other reads I've had. I just Initial reactions: Not bad, but definitely not the best angel book I've had the pleasure of reading. I just wish the book could've flowed a bit more organically, and perhaps limited the perspectives a little to make it more cohesive and less telling. It tells an interesting story of a girl who moves to live with her father in the aftermath of a horrible tragedy, and comes across a boy with an extraordinary gift and company.

    But in the mix of things, there's a villain who seeks to use that gift for corrupt means, and it results in a clash that may threaten to tear the boy and girl apart. Sounds intriguing, no? It is, but at the same time, I was disappointed in the execution of this novel. It tries a little too hard to be contemporary - what with several pop culture references including multiple references to Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" that feel non-organic.

    I understand wanting to appeal to your respective audience, but I think if the novel had toned down with some of these references, it could've been an overall better story in terms of its flow. It's soon clear that Spenser and Sixkill may be outgunned this time, and series favorites Chollo and Bobby Horse ride to the rescue to provide backup. From the mansions of Beverly Hills to the lawless streets of a small California town, Spenser will need to watch his step.

    In Hollywood, all that glitters isn't gold. And not all those who wander are lost. Genre: Mystery. Michael Z. Aunties Books. Barnes and Noble. Mysterious Galaxy. Powell's Books. Uncle Hugo's. University of Washington University Bookstore. University of Wisconsin University Bookstore. Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. Buy Ebooks. All Books. Baen Community. Baen's Bar. About Baen.