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Has anyone subbed w garbanzo? Would it still be tasty and grillable? I did I also subbed other spices for Indian ones, but I was going for a specific flavor and they came out fine. Wow, flavor explosion! Just made this recipe and loved it. I used lentils instead of black beans, curry powder instead of chilli powder and ran out of pepper what!? Will definitely go back to this recipe as a base for new flavor combinations. This was seriously very delicious!!

My husband loved it too! The flavors were perfect. I have g of brown rice so wanted to increase the portion size in relation to the beans. I figured out the maths but what do cooked black beans mean? Does it mean they are very soft to the touch or cooked as they are in the can? I lightly boiled the beans for a few minutes because I felt they were too hard and then dried them in the sun but they were still very firm. Mashing them now is quite a task. This is my favourite veggie burger recipe. The texture is perfect and the flavour is simply delicious.

I had to substitute oats for the bread crumbs and the burgers turned out great. I pan fried these on the stove too. Thank you for another great recipe!!! We love these burgers! This is our go to recipe. I make a double or triple batch and freeze them for later. The flavor is perfect and holds up great on the bun even loaded with lettuce tomato and pickle.

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I actually prefer them to a regular hamburger. I made this recipe. I think it is the best veggie burger Ive ever had. Held together fine and a great consistency for eating. I ate it with mustard and fat tomato slices , and spinach leaves. I can easily see how to play with the recipe after making a great base.

I made this last night as a test recipeon the family ahead of cooking it for a large school group. I used the oats, as we were working with kids, and omitted the chili. Husband loved it, kids loved it. Our vegan friends are eating the leftovers as I write this, and there is a rave sesh going on. Hi, these are definitely among my favorite burgers to make! How do you feel about baking a little, storing in the fridge, then grilling the next day? My sister in law talks about you a lot. We are not vegans or vegetarians in our house but we love these burgers.

I like to make guacamole and then I serve them with a big dollop of guacamole on top. I use more bbq sauce and less cumin and chilli pepper to go with our own taste preference. I never use walnuts but use lots of bread crumbs. I find that my burgers can be a bit delicate so I would likely lose half of my patties if I grilled them.

I cook them on the stove and they turn out just great. I will even take the left overs and crumble it over a salad..! Love this veggie burger recipe. These burgers were amazing! Has anybody had any luck trying this with chickpeas at all? Hi Amy! You may be interested in this burger recipe as it is made with a chickpea base! I have a few questions? Can quinoa be substituted for brown rice and can quick cooking oats be substituted for the panko? Can green puoy lentils be used in place of black beans? Hi Amrit! If you give it a try, report back! Make sure to mash the mixture enough so that they stick together well.

Good luck! They turned out great. I stuck with the black beans and added quinoa instead of rice and oats instead of panko. I baked them instead of grilling them and added homemade mexican seasoning. I also omitted the onions. These burgers are so delicious! I make them often. My carnivore husband loves them, too! Burgers are flavorful and hold up nicely on the grill.

I made slider size for my guests and they were all devoured. Hi Ebony — Cooking the beans yourself is easy, but takes time. You need to start a day ahead. You cover the beans with water and soak overnight. The next day, discard the water and cover beans with fresh water. Bring to boil then simmer until beans are tender. There are a few ways to prepare your own beans, so check out methods on line. I would suggest Alton Brown or Food Network sites, they are very reliable.

Hi Ebony! This recipe may be helpful! Anyone know if quinoa can be subbed in for the rice? This recipe should be adjusted. I made it the other day for a bunch of people and I made the mistake of not going with my instinct.

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One tablespoon of chili powder for one cup of rice and one cup of beans is extreme. The burgers were too hot!! Hi Sherri — You made a good point that the author should suggest adding the chili powder in stages and taste as you go. Everyone has a different heat tolerance. Also, if you find your soup, stew, burger mix etc. Works every time. The chili powder was too much! I wish I had gone with my instinct and reduced the chili amount because it totally killed an absolutely amazing burger.

What a waste of beautiful burgers. I will make these again, but please correct the recipe, or put a warning that these will come out absolutely hot spicy. Thank you for all your fabulous recipes. These were amazing. Held together perfectly. I subbed ground oats for the panko to make it GF. I used the food processor to chop up the beans after I did the walnuts. Made it much easier and even quicker. Thank you for the great recipe! Hi Laura! To freeze for later, cook burgers as instructed on grill or skillet. I have made this recipe so many times because my family and I love it. Just wanted to say thanks!


These were great! I made exactly as instructed. I got rave reviews and they held up very nicely. Great flavor too. They are amazing! I was surprised by how flavoured they were. I made these last night for my husband and me. Great taste, stayed together for easy flipping BUT still a mush burger! Put on a bun and squished right out. Any suggestions? Hi Annie!

Absolutely loved these! I would add a little cayenne pepper for some heat next time, but they were a big hit at a bbq I hosted! Absolutely delicious! Restaurant quality. We had a hearty meal, froze the rest, and reheated per your direction to another great meal. So happy to have found your recipes! I just made these for second time. We made them last weekend on the grill, and then again tonight! These burgers make us happy! I have made these several times now and each time someone always asks me for the recipe. I leave out the sugar as I find the bbq sauce has enough sugar in it.

Freezes well too even before grilling. Thanks for a yummy and filling burger recipe. These are awesome burgers! So any part of cooking I can get out of, I do. So thank you for figuring out a veggie burger than can be grilled. Thanks for all you do for those of us that are culinary-challenged.

I doubled the recipe to make extra and everything came out perfect. Definitely the best veggie black bean burger I have made so far. Made these veggie burgers today and wow so good! I grilled 4 and fried 4. My husband and I each ate two from the grill and they were so delicious.

I just want to say, we recently moved to complete plant based lifestyle. These burgers were fabulous and hit the mark with both my husband and I. I did reduce the seasoning since 1 TBL of each seemed too much so I reduced it to 1 tsp each of the chili powder, paprika and cumin. I used an organic agave based BBQ Sauce and this worked perfectly. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe that you can actual grill and flip. I have tried many veggie hamburger recipes but was on the search for something non-mushy. Really tasty combo of flavors.

They held together reasonably well I pan-fried two of them. I find that chilling them first helps with that and flip carefully. I think that too much moisture is the worst culprit when it comes to mushiness and falling apart so follow the steps to keep that down to a minimum. Since my quest for a firm burger failed on this try I decided to crumble the mixture into small pieces and pan fried the bits until they turned crunchy and rolled them up with the toppings in a tortillia like a burrito.

I also tried baking the crumbles for about 40 minutes at deg. This recipe is awesome. You can substitute the spices for taco seasoning, brown it in a pan and make burritos or tacos. Substitute italian seasonings, add an egg if you eat eggs, and use it for meatballs. I have one question. Can these be baked? If so what temperature and time do you recommend? Just made these, with a few substitutions, I had no black beans nor brown rice, used kidney beans and quinoa instead, work really well, super tasty, my omnivorous daughter loves them too!

Anyone try substituting quinoa or barley for the brown rice? Add a small beet in there and they look like real burgers if you them to. Great stuff, thank you! I have tried a lot of different soy burgers between Emeril L. This veggie burger is incredible. It stays together really well and the punch of flavor is there as well. This burger moves up to 1 on my list. I tried half the batch with Kentucky Bourbon and the other half with the Whole Foods. I also added Muenster and Pepper Jack Cheese slices.

Oh Yeah- This recipe rocks, especially with sweet treats potato homemade fries. I omitted the sugar from this recipe — I felt my BBQ sauce added enough sweetness. Otherwise, I made according to instructions. The flavors were delicious, especially the paprika, which provided a nice smoky flavor. The burgers held up well on my indoor grill; however, they became pretty flat and mushy as we ate them. All-in-all we enjoyed them. I unintentionally added too much rice and my mixture was too dry. I added more beans, more bbq sauce and it was still very crumbly not strong enough to form a patti without falling apart, so I added about 1 tbsp of peanut butter and it was perfect.

I have made this many times! The warm walnut oil acts as a binder. This gives much needed moisture and really holds the burger together! I have found that by cooking this in a non-stick skillet, it gets crispy. I usually use cast iron. We make these burgers all the time! Absolutely love the flavor, texture, and how easy these are to make! The flavor is great, perfect amount of spice. These stayed together very well while cooking. They even stayed together surprising well while eating which I never expect from a homemade veggie burger.

I absolutely love this recipe. I had been looking for a good vegan burger recipe and I have definitely found it. Will definitely be making these again! Hi Ali! Are you using dried black beans? If so, in a large pot, add 10 cups of water for each pound 2 cups of dry beans. Heat to boiling; boil for 2—3 minutes. Remove from heat, cover and soak for at least 1 hour or up to 4 hours Hot Soak. Hope this helps! Do they need to be cooked further or just use them out of the can? Thanks for your reply!!! Absolutely brilliant! I love this. I had a collaboration with a top class Chef and the results was fantastic.

I got it form the 31 meals cookbook. I had a moment of inspiration and added beet. It made the mixture very wet so I added panko which made the mixture firm. It held up great in the stove top grill! I used olive oil in the pan. It did not stick once nor did it break. I used a mold to get a perfect round shape. It gave the pattie a lovely red colour. Thank you again for another great recipe. These burgers are divine and flavoursome.

They hold together just perfectly. Together with avo, pickles, mustard, capsicum, tomato. No dramas whatsoever. Thank you for a lovely recipe, Dana. Hi, I am 15 and made this for my family for lunch tomorrow. It tasted delicious even before frying them. The beans, rice, and BBQ sauce really make it taste good. I have made two versions of this recipe for veganuary this year and they were both utterly delightful. I also included a generous splash of liquid smoke. The texture I achieved may perhaps be a wee bit fragile for a grill, but cooked in a skillet on the stove they browned perfectly, stayed together fine and most importantly smell AMAZING while cooking.

Given how quick and easy these are to make, I am certain they will be a firm favourite for years to come. I made this today. They are definitely grill-able. The texture when making the recipe as described was perfect. The only thing I would adjust is the spices, a little less chili powder and maybe add some cayenne. I made them on the larger side using a half cup measure and got 5 full size burgers with a little extra for a slider.

I used a soft bun, I think a hearty bun would be too much and force the burger to squish. At best, a brioche bun. Just made these — great flavour and texture but they fell apart when I tried to pick them up with the spatula…. This is the best burger we have ever eaten, ever. The texture, flavour, structure, grilled crunch, ease to make. Recipe alterarions: We doubled the mixture this made 12 decent sized patties but subbed out half the walnuts for bread crumbs so we used g walnuts and g extra bread crumbs.

We used a thermomix and after sauteeing the onion we simply chucked everything in there and blitz it on turbo for a few seconds. Even the kids loved it! Minimalist Baker always on the money. Thank you thank you!! Left out the walnuts as none in cupboard. These were delicious. Thank you so much for this fabulous tasting burger! Next time I will make a batch without Chilli powder for my 6 yr old too …….

I tried this recipe, and cooked the burgers on a skillet with olive oil. However, it was very difficult and they all fell apart. So I remolded them once they cooled down, but they still broke up when eating. Hi DJ! Thanks so much for the advice! I tried the recipe again for dinner tonight, and dried out the black beans, and I LOVE how they came out!! This recipe inspired my own version… this is a great base. I added a bunch of diced mushrooms and a few diced carrots to the onion and then sauteed.

I used fresh basil and parsley and roasted garile… pulsed in nuta bullet. I used ketchup and olive oil vs grape seed and bbq sauce. Oh and Italian seasonings. These were fantastic! The tip about packing them in a little measuring cup is key I think to getting the patty packed well enough to stay together.

So amazing on these burgers…. This is a super tasty flavour combo. I really enjoyed these. And one the times I chopped one of the burgers up and ate it on a taco shell with lettuce and tomatoe it was yum. These were absolutely delicious! I diced some grilled piquillo peppers, and added them to the mash yum! No need to buy frozen vegan burgers ever again!

Thanks for all the wonderful creativity and inspiration in your recipes. Thank you for converting the meassures to grams etc. This makes it so much easier to follow the recipe, when living here in Denmark ;-. These were tasty enough and held together nicely, however I only used 1 heaping teaspoon of the spices not 1 tablespoon as written and the spices overwhelmed all other flavours.

These tasted ok with some disappointment. I am a 25 year vegetarian and while I appreciated the recipe, would make adjustments. They did in fact fall apart somewhat on the grill- on foil. I actually would add much more seasonings as I expected them to have a brighter flavor. They needed citrus, garlic, fresh herbs, etc. The BBQ sauce did nothing. A good one for beginners perhaps but definitely change it up!

Made burgers last night for my vegan son and his girlfriend. Must point out that he was a carnivore for over 25 years and became vegan a few years ago. They both said it was the best vegan burger they ate, including Europe. I used more smoked paprika, added some Mexican seasoning but omitted the cumin. I also used fresh chilies ground with the walnuts and walnut oil. Did not have panko so breadcrumbs went in. The burgers grilled perfectly and the even the none vegans who got a small taste were really surprised how good they were. Keep those recipes flowing! I just started going meat free and am aiming for a full plant based diet.

I made these today and they are so delicious. They are very soft, but that is expected. I made them exactly as the recipe calls for and loved them! I substituted the panko for chickpea flour for a gluten free option, and it holds together great. I topped it with a burger sauce mix vegan mayo and ketchup which complimented it nicely! This recipe has been a gift! We grill. A LOT! Practically every night when it is nice out. Love them and they are always a hit when I share. They are kinda sweet… Husband says they are delicious but taste nothing like a hamburger…LOL newvegetarians.

Tasted good, but falls apart. I could see this working as a pancake-like patty in a skillet, but falls apart on the grill. Still looking for a good recipe for a grillable veggie burger. After rinsing the beans, put them on a foil-lined cookie sheet and into a degree oven for minutes to dry them out. Then do everything else the same as listed. You might need to mash the beans with your hands after they cool since they will be much firmer. If you do that they will easily be able to handle the grill without falling apart. Dana I made these today for grilling this evening.

Can I freeze the other patties before grilling or do you have to grill before freezing? Im the only one in my family eating these. Ill let you know how they turn out. Hi Vicki! Hope this helped! We just pop them straight from the freezer into a skillet and they taste amazing. Thanks Adam! I froze them right away and got one out of the freezer, grilled it and it was amazing!

This is the only burger that is tasty and does not fall apart! Thanks Dana! I made these for a bbq and they were very well received. I made them the day before and chilled them until needed. They held together brilliantly, better than any other recipe I have tried. I will be making them again. I made eight burgers with this recipe, I grilled them all, ate two and I tossed the others in the freezer. After reheating they tasted even better! My husband and I have made these burgers about 50 times. They are the BEST. We absolutely love them. Thank you a million times over. This recipe was excellent!

House full of meat eaters loved it. This is making my transition to the vegan world so much easier. Love the fact that there are no eggs in the recipe and it still formed perfect patties. This is a winner, and this recipe will be used over and over again! These were delicious, the texture was great too.

I used fava beans instead of black beans, and ground oats instead of panko, I have bread crumbs but they are not vegan. Thanks for the amazing recipe! I made this burgues last night and they came out so delicious?. They are deeelish! This was delicious! I subed the brown rice with quinoa ….. Soooooo good and savory. My mom-vegetarian husband loves them as well.

Thanks for the recipe. Again :. Recipe amazing! I used it to springboard a slight variation. Added garlic powder. Doubled recipe and used a can of black beans and a can of kidney beans with a little pinko crumbs and little rice flour on my hands when forming the patties. Then placed between layers of wax paper and placed in ziplock freezer bag. Used a George Foreman grill to make a great pattie. My 3 year old granddaughter loved them. I read each and every comment, for each and every recipe, whether a current recipe or a long-ago favorite. If you have a specific question, it's nearly always answered quick-quick.

Powered by Blogger. Report Abuse. August 20, So so simple! And so so more than the sum of its parts! Fire-Charred Tomatoes are no more than juicy summer tomatoes cooked on a very hot fire until charred, creating a smoky, luscious bite of summer. The recipe comes from the inspiring cookbook called "Seven Fires". A Summer Classic. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Low Carb. Weight Watchers Friendly. Not just vegan, Vegan Done Real. Naturally Gluten Free. Whole30 Friendly. This recipe is so quick and easy that I'm adding it to a growing collection of easy summer recipes published all summer long ever since at Kitchen Parade, my food column.

With a free Kitchen Parade e-mail subscription , you'll never miss a one! Just updated. First published way back in ! My Disclosure Promise. When Jacques Pepin joked about trying a little liquid nitrogen to liven things up in the bedroom much to the horror of daughter, Claudine , Tom shot back with, "Jacques, it's not a preservative. She was great, displaying a droll sense of humor, and some pretty decent cooking skills. By the way, while she was on stage cooking, I was technically one of "the others.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and I think there were a lot of hung over people in attendance that would agree. Each chef created an impressive array of dishes using an entire heritage- breed pig. What was the food like? Think pork-stuffed pork, wrapped in pork, braised in pork, finished with sliced pork, and topped with some sort of sauce made from pork. By the way, I thought the fried pork garnish was a great call. Thank goodness Stella Artois was there, since they've yet to perfect beer made from pork.

In addition to some incredibly creative concoctions, like this braised heart and trotter "boudin," from The French Laundry's Devin Knell, we were treated to a butchering demo by San Francisco's Ryan Farr from Meats. I was impressed by how many people gathered around to watch, although in fairness, there was a large bowl of chicharones crispy fried pork rinds on the table next to him. For more information on the participants, as well as Cochon's mission to support the use of heritage- breed pigs, please check out the official website. I sincerely hope you enjoyed these top ten highlights a fraction as much as I enjoyed collecting and sharing them.

Posted by Chef John at AM 2 comments. Unless you've attended this event before, or been lucky enough to cover it, it's hard to fathom the variety of foods, wines, spirits, and culi nary personalities you'll experience. Having said that, here's part one of my top ten most memorable experiences. The final five highlights will be posted tomorrow. Bryan's version was delicious, albeit relatively traditional; crisp pork belly roulade, thin slice of tomato gelee, garlic scape mayo and baby greens, served on a soft bun.

This bite clearly had the longest line waiting to try it, which once again proves my theory that, well, you know, bacon. I assume this was the "past, present" part of the program, because as I moved towards his little brother's side of the station, it was clear we'd been transported into the future. Inside the clear shot glass was a tomato "gumdrop" on a stick, topped with bacon "dippin' dots," and micro greens. This isn't food you eat, it's food you experience, and what an experience it was.

Impossibly cold, the smoky spheres stuck to the sticky cube of sweet tomato jell, and together they melted on the palate in perfect harmony. Jose Andres' Pork Communion Imagine a pig roast set-up alongside a gorgeous mountain stream.

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Picture a who's who of star chefs sipping the finest Spanish wines alongside the biggest names in food publishing, press, and public relations, as thin wisps of sweet, pork-scented smoke float by. This was the scene at the annual Wines from Spain barbecue hosted by Jose Andres. As the giddy crowd mingled around platters of chorizo, blood sausage, and savory pig parts from snout to tail literally , the always jovial Spanish chef performed what can only be described as "pork communion.

Dear God, it was good. Sacrilege you say? More like sacrilicious! I'm sure these chefs always try to put out great tasting food, but knowing that nine of their peers are pulling out all the stops to be named, "Best New Chef," would certainly raise anyone's game. Chef Sawyer who also won for "best beard" served a fromage blanc raviolini on stewed tomatoes, topped with herbs and crispy crumbs. It was delicious, and perfectly executed. Another standout was an impossibly light, yet strangely satisfying scrambled egg mousse with salmon roe and birch syrup, served by John Shields, chef at Town House in Chilhowie, Virginia.

I admitted to the chef that this one had me worried when I read it on the menu, but it was stellar. I never get tired of being wrong. Street food legend, Roy Choi, mastermind of the famously successful Kogi BBQ trucks in Los Angeles, offered up a "chego" meatball, served with polenta, sesame, cilantro, peppers, glazed with a sweet and spicy sauce.

Apparently "chego" is a Korean exclamation meaning something to the effect of, "Holy [expletive deleted], that's unbelievably delicious! Kudos to all ten of the Best New Chefs for an amazing evening of edible improvisation.

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If you'd like to see all ten dishes, check out this captioned photo gallery. The Thomas Keller Preservation Society Arguably America's top chef, Thomas Keller is known for creating some of the most beautiful, forward-thinking, innovative food in the country. So I'll admit to being just a little bit disappointed to find out his demo in Aspen was called, World's Best Preserves. When I think preserves, I picture dusty mason jars in the back of a cupboard.

Having said that, if the demo was titled, "Thomas Keller Reads from the Aspen Yellow Pages," I'd have still been the first one in line. In fact, to give you a better idea, I missed an event called "Fat is Phat" to see him. As it turns out, not only wasn't I disappointed, I was completely enthralled.

Charming, witty, and sternly professorial all at the same time, this "chef's chef" took the audience through three easy-to-make, multi-functional preserves. We learned how to do cured lemons, mushroom conserva, and olive tapenade, all of which were from his critically acclaimed Ad Hoc at Home cookbook. In addition to learning how to make the preserves, Chef Keller offered lots of ideas on how to use these "life savers," as he calls them.

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It was a fun, informative lecture, and I'll be posting recipes from it soon, so stay tuned! Tim Love Love If I had to choose just one chef from the impressive collection in Aspen to drive cross-country with, it would be Tim Love. And that's before I saw his epic High Steaks Grilling demo.

This is a man who knows how to have a good time, as well as grill a damn fine steak. I've been to many educational cooking lessons, and I've been to many entertaining cooking lessons, but very rare is the occasion where both meld into one perfectly pleasurable presentation. This was maybe the single most enjoyable cooking demo I've every attended. In additional to being hilarious, and laser-fast with the one-liners, Love is a natural born teacher with a ton of great grilling knowledge. He had the large audience in the palm of his hand from the moment he poured his first glass of white wine, which by the way, is what he suggests you drink while you grill.

Next week I'll be doing an in-depth grilling tips and tricks post with all the information I collected. I think you'll be very surprised at some of Love's somewhat controversial theories and practices. I'll also be posting a short, but priceless video clip of something called "oil shot roulette. Posted by Chef John at AM 6 comments. I decided to take a little break to post a few of my favorites. I hope these pictures give you an idea of just how amazing the food really is at this event. Posted by Chef John at PM 14 comments.

I collected a ton of great content, which I can't wait to share with you all. In fact, instead of rambling on here, dropping names, and embellishing stories, I think I'll actually get to work writing articles and editing photos! Recipes from Thomas Keller's inspiring lecture on the "World's Best Preserves" Pictured here, on the right, before his demo Including a video clip of something he called "Oil Shot Roulette.

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Stay tuned! Posted by Chef John at PM 1 comments. I can see where a recipe title with the words "fried" and "butter" appearing one after the other may scare a few people off, but there's no reason to be alarmed.