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In this episode, Ivan shares valuable insights into how business owners could be networking more effectively. He reveals the big mistake that many business owners are making at networking events, and the strengths of relational versus transactional networking. The room is a metaphor for all the relationships with all the people you let into your life. If everyone you invited into your life stays there forever, what would you do?

He shares actionable steps on how to build connections with the people you meet.

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Dan Lok: Welcome to another episode of Dan Lok show. Now John not only is an entrepreneur, but also a real estate investor as well as owns a venture capital company. John Henry: Appreciate you. And look, what makes this space special is this is the proof right here. Click here for more details on the book and claim your limited time FREE bonuses if you do decide to order. The cold, it takes a couple of days to get used to.

The minute I arrived, the airport, like wow! This is cold.

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Listen Now. Ivan Misner. Courtesy of ivanmisner. It's about building relationships. Making connections and building relationships because you get referrals from people who know and can trust you. Share on twitter. Courtesy ivanmisner. Courtesy by ivanmisner. Why many business owners misunderstand the networking and referral process. The differences between how men and women network.

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Letting the right people in your life if you must fit them all into one room. The different levels of connection in your life, from acquaintances to friends. We will talk about them a lot. For now stay tuned!

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Six Sigma offers endless possibilities how companies tailor Six Sigma or merge it with other project, process, quality improvement and engineering frameworks for their particular needs and environments.

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