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These immersive programs use story and dramatic play to encourage creativity and expression, while also building on very important developmental skills such as problem-solving, spoken language, and teamwork.

Drama and the Literary Arts

What are Early Childhood workshops? They offer an opportunity for families of young children to do something creative together in the style of our classes. Both workshops are designed for students ages 5 and under, though SSC is geared more to ages 3 and under while SFD is geared more toward ages What ages are Early Childhood Classes intended for and why? In our You and Me classes, ages months caregivers attend class with their child.

Lessons are designed to be highly sensory in nature and to create moments of bonding between child and caregiver. In our My Friends and Me classes, ages years children attend class with their peers, and caregivers are not present.

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We provide creative, guided play experiences while also teaching children the beginnings of theatre vocabulary. What does an Early Childhood class or camp look like? Typically we start every class with a gathering activity, such as coloring or building, to create a welcoming environment but hone focus. In many of these classes, we then typically read a story, followed by bringing the story to life through dramatic play or movement. Oftentimes, this play will also incorporate use of song, instruments, dance exploration and technique, or a visual arts activity.

Classes use storytelling, books, and songs as a means to explore characters through structured, creative, and fun activities.

Classes utilize theatre games, improvisation activities, and scene work to develop characterization and script analysis. Teen actors in grades are ready to hone the core concepts of acting: from script analysis to performance skill building.

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Students learn to communicate through song and train in basic movement while identifying musical elements within the context of a story. By high school, students are working with a solid foundation in music theory and acting technique and are learning to create sustainable characters and make motivated choices on stage. Throughout the sessions of the residency 45 min — 1-hour sessions , the Teaching Artists work with students to fully explore a selected academic subject using drama, music, movement and visual arts.

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Residencies include :. Arts Everywhere. She is an arts educator with over five years of experience teaching, managing and directing programs, and creating performing arts experiences for young people.

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  • GRADES K — 12 As students explore the worlds of acting and musical theatre, they grow from dramatic play into the application of more advanced, specialized training. These classes can be offered both after school and during school time and they include the following: Creative Drama : From Kindergarten through grade 3, these theme-based classes use drama, music and movement to promote confidence, self-esteem, and creative expression, while working on skills such as active listening and sharing.

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