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Wow, very powerful concepts. Thanks for putting them all in one, well written article. I like the way you think. I especially like the idea of moving toward the way you want your amazing life to feel vs. Having specific, measurable goals. Are you in the coaching business? Yes, I do work with select clients on a limited basis. Please email me directly at Paige [at] PaigeBurkes [dot] com to discuss further. Paige Burkes recently posted.. Hi Paige this fabulous post definitely resonates with me.

It is an inspiring reminder of how I want to live.

How to Begin Rebuilding Your Life and Make It Ridiculously Amazing

Thank you. Thanks so much Robert! These habits have certainly changed my life for the better!

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However I do feel that my wife and I have brought up our two children to live their lives as you have noted and they live wonderful lives. Have an amazing day!

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The Key to Making the Impossible Possible. You have your health, your kids, the ability to get on the internet which holds the key to all the information and assistance you can imagine and more. Take some time to focus on how you want your life, your average day, to be. Write it out in as much minute-by-minute detail as possible. How does that make you feel? Why do you want what you want? What are your core values and how does what you want align with your values?

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Write all this out and let it swim around in your thoughts for a few days. Then think of one small thing you can do that could move you in that direction. Or, if you want to start an online business that you can do from anywhere, search for sites about that there are tons of them. This would allow you to make money as you travel, or, perhaps, make money based on your experiences as you travel.

What can you teach others? What are you known for?

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Start small. Take action every day. Use what you have now and what you know to take action. The most solid progress usually happens in baby steps. Stop blaming your ex and the past for where you are now. Only you can create the future you want.

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  • Read on…. What is the essence of living without breaking norms, challenging status quo and adding value to the world? Living a life conditioned to play a supportive role to the big players is a big waste of precious talent and the wonderful gift of life. I believe in living a life that builds a specific legacy which would guarantee that a unique identity is left behind for posterity to enjoy. What a great outlook Ayietim! We all have unique gifts to share with the world. Wonderfully said Paige. I recently had another opportunity to follow my intuition and walk away from a position that seemed great on paper and was even very philanthropic.

    In less then a day another great opportunity came forward that could potentially pave the way for the business my wife and I are aspiring to start. Ever felt ANY of that? Trust me you are not alone sadly! So it happened!

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    I turned 50! Actually, I have to laugh at myself because I have been talking about it so much for the past 6 months that when "the day" FINALLY arrived it was all rather uneventful. Hello there! Wow it has been a long while since I have written here.

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