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We are just waiting now. Waiting for the staff to come, waiting for the students, waiting for the adventures to begin. I wish I had kept a tally of all the decisions I have made on the way. I had the privilege over the past 24 hours of showing my family around the school. When I told them that I had chosen the paint, the floor covering, the carpets, the chairs, the tables, the toilet roll holders, the doors, the door handles, the signs, the computers, the telephones, the projectors, the computers, the laptops, the programmes, the fitness equipment, the quotes on the walls, the fridges, the shredders, the goalposts….

Seriously, the list is just ridiculous! All the decisions that have needed to be made have been made. And as you know, I have been waiting a long time!

One Moment in Time

And those of you who know me well, know I am not good at waiting. So, some of the things I have been thinking about over the past few days have been more to do with lessons than ever. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated and a child humanized or dehumanized.

Great teachers are critical to making a school a great success. The Deanery teachers have already proved how great they are, I am so excited to put them altogether as a team and see just how amazing they can be. And so, as I showed our Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning at Swindon Borough Council, Gary Sumner round the school today, I explained that whilst we have the most amazing building ready and waiting for our staff and students to enter, it is not the building that is the most important part. But the Deanery school is not just about the building and the facilities — the beating heart of the school will be the people contained in it.

The staff and the students. And that is why I am becoming increasingly excited, because very soon both the staff and students will be entering the building, inhabiting it, making it their own, breathing life into it, bringing it to life, helping the building fulfil its purpose. Which brings me to explain the title of this blog: one moment in time. I am reminded of this song by Whitney Houston, excerpts chosen by me:. Each day I live I want to be, a day to give the best of me I'm only one, but not alone, my finest day is yet unknown….

Social Development

And in that one moment of time I will feel eternity I've lived to be the very best…. This to me is a close a representation of our purpose: to live life in all its fullness. To be the best you can be. This is my dream, my prayer for all those who are going to join me on the Deanery journey. The pioneering staff and the pioneering students. I hope my blog has been of interest to those of you who have followed it — I do intend to carry on, as I think it will be fascinating to record post-opening developments as well as pre-opening ones.

Hey, have you tried Basecamp lately?

Please, if you do, pray for us this weekend, as we make our final preparations and rest ready for our opening. Pray for the families who are about to step out on this journey with us. But most of all, pray for our students, as they enter into the Deanery as children and will leave as young adults: selfless individuals, loving life, bringing out the best in each other and living life in all its fullness.

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Main Menu. Also featured. It seems hardly a week since we started, but we are actually now in week 4! So much has happened in such a short time. We have had much positive feedback from students, families and community users, it is fantastic to see how our school has already had such a positive impact on the those who attend school here and use our fantastic facilities. Springing from our culture and ethos, we have established norms and routines for all aspects of our life at school. This was especially pleasing to be able to demonstrate yesterday to Tom Bennett, who is the Department of Education behaviour tsar.

Tom was in the Deanery leading the final day of a four-day course for Swindon school leaders looking at how to run an effective school. Last Friday 20th September saw our first parent and student tours during the school day. Two students accompanied me on the tours and actually it became evident very early on the tours that I was actually surplus to requirements. Altitude sold the world in the two weeks of Cannes and we financed it with those pre sales with the bank. The budget for the film, including the cash for archive, is a closely guarded secret with the key backers all signing non-disclosure agreements.

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The sales bankrolled more than a year in the cutting room a record for Chinn, he says and the last minute changes necessitated by the 11 th hour revelations. Following its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May, Whitney is now playing extensively on the international festival circuit. The 71 st Primetime Emmy Awards last night celebrated excellence in programming and individual achievements for the to television season. IBC is run by the industry, for the industry.

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