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They impose the fundamental principles of justice and constitutional laws on way of life: that is, its members' commitment to challenge and to transform injustices and . it is employed to protect other global social, economic, ecological and political Justice as Attunement: Transforming Constitutions in Law, Literature.

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It's no different than ordinances put out by US. You sound kind of ridiculous with that tirade right now, ngl, but maybe I'll understand more when I'm freezing my ass off in my own apartment next winter I don't think you understand that modern insulation isn't actually that dangerous at all, especially when compared to the ridiculously stupid behavior of the Japanese using KEROSENE heaters in schools and homes to stay warm in the winter. That is a thousand times more dangerous and bad for you than having actual insulation with centralized heat and air.

Oh, and many modern types of insulation are NOT flammable, or have very low levels of flammability. Did you know that the same style of kerosene heaters the Japanese use to stay warm in the winter have been banned in certain parts of the US exactly because of the safety and health hazards they pose. Please don't act just as stupid and ignorant as the Japanese about this. I'd rather live in an uninsulated house here what with the Japanese summer and all. Did it occur to you that Japan, which is far more earthquake-prone than the US, might have different priorities than the States?

Japan gets over measurable earthquakes in a year and has a far greater likelihood of building collapse. And yes, they're all flammable. Fibreglass insulation has bagging that lights up easily, not to mention that fibreglass particles in the air are extremely dangerous if breathed in. Resin insulation has a high flashpoint, but relatively low smoke-point, and the smoke it produces is highly toxic. Cellulose ie ground up newspaper is highly-flammable due to it being.. Not exactly rocket science to operate them. I'd rather live in an uninsulated house to prevent a generation of losers with asthma like we have back home thanks to the airtight seals we put on our houses.

Japanese home construction lends itself easily to letting a breeze go through the home, negating the need for AC. Lol Gusuke, nothing negates the need for AC unless you like suffering just as much as Japanese people seem to They just don't do anything about it. Me, I like it nice and cool after biking home xD Personally, having suffered through two winters freezing my ass off and two summers sweating my ass off literally , I'd prefer insulation, whatever "hazard" it possesses. It isn't any more or less dangerous than the kerosene these days. Newer apartments actually do indeed come with insulation as often as not, but since JETs are usually stuck in older buildings, we don't get it.

So the argument is pretty moot anyway. Changing the subject completely, Not-to-be-missed Newbie events: Go! If it's so awful why don't you go and find a new apartment? Nothing's stopping you. Actually, I have a question about this -- since it seems prefectural Gunma ALTs pay for their own housing entirely, how much of a pain in the ass to move somewhere? Obviously you'd have to save up key money and probably fees to a realtor or whoever it is that will sponsor you [and I obviously have no idea how this actually works] , but if you can, how feasible is it? I still have worse-case-scenarios running in my head, and I'm wondering if I get placed in a complete shit apartment, if I could just move somewhere nicer?

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In my prefecture, I never bothered moving since I enjoy the house I get, but it's definitely possible to do and your CO can't do anything to stop you. Hahahahaha, I'm pretty sure Hyakuman can speak faaaar more Japanese than me, and probably knows at least kanji So idk if I could manage to get my own place before arriving, but if I hear from my pred that the place is a hole, I'll keep it in mind.

Maybe what you could do is hear what they say first, scope it out, and after a few months if it's a hole to find your own place. My supervisor said that it was my right to refuse the place if I didn't want it and that he'd help me find a different one, but I like it well enough. I'd say most places are pretty tolerable though. The AC is strong enough to keep the whole main area warm in winter and cool in summer. This time of year I just leave all the doors open and open the windows at night and in the morning and it stays pretty comfortable.

The front of the apartment bathroom, shower, 2nd bedroom on the other hand, is cold in winter and hot in summer. I don't spend a lot of time in those rooms though, so it's alright.

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Gunma well, My Gunma seems to have pleasant summer breezes more often than not. I think I've used my bedroom AC a handful of times since I've been here. Be warned that "pleasant summer breezes" turn into "wind tunnel of death" in the winter time. Because they're all the same?

There is no escaping cold winters and hot summers Changing apartments isn't going to help. Besides, I never said I hated my apartment I actually really like it! I just wish it was insulated so the temp fluctuations wouldn't be as bad. That being said, my boyfriend and I saw a house this weekend that we are considering moving into. No key money and no advanced rent, bigger house next to Shinmachi station instead of Gunma Fujioka, AND rent is cheaper split between two although higher bills may end up canceling that out.

But all in all, it seems like it is worth it. Cohabitation is definitely the way to go to save money. Your bills probably won't go up that much either, since you use the same amount of light, heat, cooking time, TV, etc. The only thing you have to double is water and maybe electricity for computers. That's true, but I think cooling and heating will go up significantly since the place is so damn big! I dunno though, I think even if it evens out it will still be a good thing.

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Just moving near a bigger train station is going to be great! Trying not to get too excited over it right now though We don't heat the whole place, just the half that we spend most of our time in. The other rooms are separated by a door so we close the door and then blocked up the space under the door with a rolled up towel tied to it makeshift draft blocker You sound kind of ridiculous with that tirade right now, ngl, but may Iibe I'll understand more when I'm freezing my ass off in my own apartment next winter One of the houses I stayed in was full of asbestos, same with some of the schools.

That'll be worse than insulation in an earthquake.

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Actaully his first place oh the memories was an ALT apartment. He had shit left over from like 5 ALTs back. He moved out of that after his first year and got a new apartment on his own. Indeed I did. I'm moving out of my current place after 2 years, and moving into a ridiculously nice place with the womanz next month. Hell yeah I bin through the rounds. Hell yeah I have! Yeah, all that emphasis on air flow, big glass doors, etc. My bad man, I knew you moved out but for some reason I thought you did it before you came.

Watch out for that hot Chinese temper of hers. I guess in the winter that is what multiple kerosene heaters are for, and the house actually comes with a few air conditioners as well as long as we don't run them all the time. And there is a bar.

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Like, an honest-to-god duck beneath the counter, room for a sink and mini-fridge, bar. Is it bad that this is the feature I may be the most excited about?


My fake bling fell off of it today during second period. My JTE found some super glue for me to stick it back on there, but I might as well get a new one. Problem is I don't remember what gauge it is. I know the difference between 18 and 20 standards for nose are probably minimal, but I'd rather buy in person.

And I really don't want to go to Tokyo for a damn nose ring. It's okay. When she flares up, she switches over to Chinese language. Whenever that happens, Hyakuman turns on the Xbox and plays some MW2 with me and our brown friend. He's got it down to a science. So how has life been for the biggest prima donna ever to come to Japan? LOL, this is good. I like this question! She'll hack you to death if you call her Chinese, I'm sure you know that. My Wishlist. Know about stores. Products of this store will be shipped directly from the US to your country.

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Here are a pair of classic contemporary novels that prove once and for all that when it comes to love, you can't get too much of a good thing. Stormy Vows For a struggling actress, a private audition with a young Hollywood turk like Michael Donovan was the break of a lifetime. But Brenna Sloan refused to be intimidated by the temperamental and sensually overwhelming filmmaker, even if it did cost her the role of a lifetime.

For Brenna was both far strongerand far more vulnerablethan Michael could ever guess. And the secret that she was keeping from him would draw them more intimately together with each encounter Tempest at Sea An idealist and activist, Jane Smith stole aboard Jake Dominic's yacht one warm Miami night as part of an antinuke protest. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Pat rated it really liked it Nov 27, May contain limited notes, underlining or highlighting that does affect the text.

Lists with This Book. For Brenna was both far stronger—and far more vulnerable—than Michael could ever guess. Afeefa Zaman rated it really liked it Sep 22, A family members guy, a emerging big name within the criminal occupation, this new purchaser has been accused of a heinous crime—the brutal homicide of an undercover vice cop. Martin Paperback,. And the secret that she was keeping from him would draw them more intimately together with each encounter…and threaten to drive them apart forever. For the next two months she would accompany this successful, sexy but darkly brooding man aboard the Sea Breeze as they sailed around the Gulf of Mexico from one exotic port of call to another.