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For more information, go here. Jump to comments Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trilogy. Tom is Eurogamer's news editor. He writes lots of news, some of the puns and all the stealth Destiny articles. Doom Eternal delayed until March Apex Legends "Fight or Fright" Halloween event starts next week.

After years of waiting, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep finally gives fans a huge plot moment. Apex Legends players are gassing their competitors in a toilet. Fortnite season 11 release date delayed. Digital Foundry Stress-testing the Modern Warfare beta: cross-play, performance and more. Borderlands 3 walkthrough, guide and tips for completing the main story chapters. Recommended Metro Exodus review - 4A's post-nuclear shooter widens its horizons without losing its soul.

The final chapter of the Aether storyline will test your zombie slaying and Easter Egg hunting skills as you lead the Victis Crew to salvation. In modern war, soldiers are not the only casualty.

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Here are their stories. Following the release of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Campaign trailer, Infinity Ward presents a six-minute behind the scenes feature where IW team members and several advisors detail how this Campaign came to life. Lines will be drawn. Your resolve will be tested. And the world will look to you to do what needs to be done. This page links to all Blog-related and daily Beta Intel. It is constantly updated to let you know the exact Beta content, as more modes, maps, and other intel rolls out during both Beta Weekends.

The ultimate battle begins. Become a hero or villain, fight across two new Multiplayer maps, drop into a limited-time Blackout mode, and prepare for the epic conclusion to the Aether Zombies story.

The Impressive New Tech Behind Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare - Game Informer

The Blackout map is back in living color with an action-packed limited time mode that turns you into a comic book hero! Read what has changed on the map since the apocalypse, as well as some tips for the brand-new game mode. Ready to explore some of the locations comprising the Multiplayer maps of the Beta? Want to play head-to-head matches while on-the-go, in a variety of Multiplayer and Battle Royale settings?

Then prepare for roll out in less than two weeks! Learn more about Crossplay between consoles and PC.

Now what? Read on to see how to get set up within this pre-launch Multiplayer experience. Load up and ship out onto the field of battle with a well-rounded, involved, and meticulously created Loadout system. We check out the announced Field Upgrades, and how they can be employed to assist you in a Multiplayer Match. This map spotlight takes us to the Museum of Unnatural History, a tourist trap in the marshes of Louisiana… and now a death trap due to a mysterious new relic! Get fired up! In an unforgettable five-day event, eUnited cemented an instant esport classic tournament by securing their first ever CWL World Championship.

No Pre-Order. No PlayStation Plus. No Problem! Link up your Twitch Prime account to get the free Customization Bundle that puts together the best of previous drops. In our third deep dive into the creation of Modern Warfare Multiplayer, Design Directors Geoff Smith and Joe Cecot talk about rebuilding weapons, in-depth gunsmith customizations, loadouts, and more.

A massive part of the Black Ops 4 lore can now be in your hands through this special hardcover compilation of all 10 Official Comics. Design Directors Geoff Smith and Joe Cecot detail some key examples that elevates the fun of the fight.

Fight against or as the undead in Pandemic, the newest Blackout limited-time mode, and Infected: Final Stand, a new twist on the Multiplayer party game mode, as part of the continuation of Operation Apocalypse Z. See the ultimate multiplayer playground unveiled with the incredible Multiplayer Trailer now! Read on for all the important details! Killstreaks make a return in Modern Warfare: drop White Phosphorus, summon an Infantry Assault Vehicle, or lay waste to an entire battlefield with the Juggernaut! Please proceed to the LZ: Take a brief descent down with Coalition forces as they infiltrate a stronghold; a prelude of the Multiplayer Universe Reveal to come!

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The BEST way to play CoD? Tencent Official Call of Duty Mobile Emulator [4k 60FPS, Mouse & Keyboard]

Easter Eggs? Have you linked your Twitch Prime account yet? Then grab the fourth free Customization Bundle today! As the first large-scale soft launch is set to begin today across both Canada and Australia, with additional territories coming online later, we talked to the Call of Duty: Mobile team about how Player Progression, Weapon Unlocking, and Ranking works.

Starting July 16, there are two new ways to show your support for veterans. The party game mode made famous in the original Black Ops is back. If you need a refresher, read on before having some fun. Operation Apocalypse Z has arrived, and with it comes a whole new range of personalization items. The Apocalypse is here. This swanky Spanish estate is superb for skirmishes of all types. With the lights dimmed and the environment darkened, get the intel you need before dropping in with this handy guide. We check out the Call of Duty Endowment Amazon store, where proceeds from every sale will help get vets back to work.

We go behind-the-scenes with some extra information on the imminent first Grand Prix: Read on to find out more! Tips on a Black Ops 4 Specialist. Information on Black Ops 4 Contracts and Medals. A number of different power-ups but knowing when and how to use them can be vitally important to your racing victories!

Check the following overview and advice to help you out! Introducing a new in-game system that delivers challenges and rewards to your Black Ops 4 experience. Read on to find out more about the tracks, customization options, bonus post-launch content, and more! Here are some tips to help you survive it! Ever wonder what is it like to work for Activision or one of our Game Development Studios? What does it mean to our employees to be responsible for creating some of the most beloved characters and franchises in gaming?

Read on to find out! Feel like making friends in Blackout? How about 49 of them? But before you drop in, get to know your surroundings.

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To celebrate the return of Alcatraz Portals, we wait for the mists to clear, and break down the destinations on this chaotic prison isle. Now with a newly-moored submarine, and other aquatic additions! Link your Twitch Prime account and obtain the third free Customization Bundle! E3 is go!

Call of Duty (series)

Find out where you can get the latest information, interviews, and follow all of the action regarding Modern Warfare. You've wielded this thing in Zombies and Blackout, now work together to unlock the Grav assault rifle in Multiplayer! Read more about the various editions of the game, as well as more about the Campaign Narrative. A clever use of parade floats turns this embassy environment into a large battle-ground. Here are a few tips for mastering it. Read on for an extensive overview, showcasing match types and classes, a new way to revive, the different perspectives on combat, along with map location revelations, and more!

Discover new experiences in Black Ops Multiplayer with the latest maps, and drop into Blackout with a new character. Need a demolitions expert with attitude? Why not dim the lights and watch along with them? Learn the controls, check out the loadouts, and gather knowledge of expected Multiplayer maps.

The next Call of Duty is just called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Exceptional evasion. Surgical precision. Read on for all the kart details. Link your Twitch Prime account to unlock the second free Customization Bundle! Official Guide partner Future Press is world-renowned for crafting quality tomes to the toughest games: Find out what it took to create almost Pages of finely-detailed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice tactics with our in-depth interview. The arrival of an assassin Specialist, the Wetworks update to the original Blackout map, three Multiplayer maps, Prop Hunt, a new Zombies Gauntlet, masses of gear, and much more.

We opened the Activision vault a crack this week, revealing some Pitfall! In the conclusion to this feature, we uncover 11 different game versions and prototypes! In the final installment of Blackout tips, look for advice on redeploys, wall buys, and zombie containment. Winning a game of Hardcore Blackout is no easy feat. Break out as a top soldier in Alcatraz. It is very clear by the length of some of the entries that people have very fond memories of the Dreamcast. Great contributions from everyone — and one of the reasons I enjoy being part of the GC community.

Also, for those interested in the forthcoming PC Engine mini next March a few games have recently been added to the line-up, these are:. Catch up on every previous Games Inbox here. Is it a statutory Facebook requirement that you have to a be a wazzock to everyone online or something? No comment on the reader providing a good article for us to read, or any attempt to initiate some discussion on the points he made, just a passive aggressive attempt to cause aggro with quotation marks. Heck, even Presidents and Prime Ministers are a it. Which is what the Inbox is supposed to be a respite from.

I was wondering if you know if it is any good or not?

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Andrew J. GC: We have not. It needed some kind of story mode though. How similar is your idea to the direction of the franchise at the moment and how likely do you think it is that they could do something similar for real? The small print New Inbox updates appear twice daily, every weekday morning and afternoon. You can also submit your own to word 4Player viewer features at any time, which if used will be shown in the next available weekend slot.

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